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 The great year of the LORD and the end of the Church age!


1. Revelation 12 Sign in the Sky

Something great is happening this year. We see the Revelation 12 sign in the heavens which denotes the birth of the King planet Jupiter and hints towards the rapture of the Church. From 23rd of September 2017 a rapture can happen any time!

2. 6000 years from Adam brings us to 2017

Adam was created 3983 BC. 6000 years later we are at the fullness of the Gentiles and the beginning of the time prepared for the Millennium.

3. 50 years from 1967

2017 is not only the true Jubilee year but also 50 years from the date of the Return of Jerusalem to Israel. 50 in the Bible denotes GOD coming down to His people (Mount Sinai and Pentecost in Jerusalem) and is a symbol for the First Fruits. The first Jews on Mount Sinai, the first Christians at Pentecost and the first Remnant of the 144000 in the Tribulation.

4. 70 years from 1948

2018 is 70 years from the time of establishing the nation of Israel in 1948. 70 in the Bible denotes GOD's completion. Latest in 2018 will we see the Temple Mount and whole Jerusalem in the Hand of the Nation of Israel (see prophecy about Jordan).

5. Book of Enoch

Enoch 90: 1-3 (10 weeks of 700 years each): The count began at 3983 BC. The ninth week starts in the year 1617 AD and ends 2317 AD. According to Enoch within this Week of Years we will see righteousness restored, evil removed from the Earth and the Beginning of the Millennium. After exactly half of the 700 years we reached the year 1967 (1617 + 350) which gave us the restoration of Jerusalem to the Jewish Nation and from the year 2017 we will start the 5th day of the ninth week which will last from 2017 to 2117. Within this 5th day we will see the Tribulation and the second coming of our LORD Jesus!

6. Number 5 in the Bible

The number 5 in the bible represents GOD's grace towards all of mankind without any prejudice or preconceptions. It denotes the 5th Kingdom of the Millennium (the Stone Kingdom, so called after the vision of Daniel). 4 human kingdoms + 1 divine kingdom and the divine kingdom will smash the human kingdoms in pieces. Human weakness supplemented by divine power!

7. Jesus is coming to the second Heaven to take the church of Philadelphia

2017 Jesus will come down to the second heaven from the first where he resided with GOD, the father, to call his people (church of Philadelphia) in the rapture. Satan tries to plot against Jesus and Michael will war with the evil one and will throw him down to Earth from the second heaven as it written in Revelation 12!

8. Number 17 within 2017

17 is a prime number and it is the 7th prime number (7 is the number of the divine). The number 17 in the bible denotes spiritual perfection, perfect order, restoration of all things and victory. It is also the number of Elijah the forerunner of Jesus at his second coming. (When Jesus arrives in the second heaven for the rapture then Elijah will start his mission on earth as Jesus' forerunner and the leader of the remnant)

9. Thief in the Night

Jesus will come like a thief in the night as it was written in the Gospels. A possible rapture can take place in the night of the 23rd of September 2017 and it would also symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus which took place within 3 days from his crucifixion.  The day of trumpets will start on the evening of the 20th September 2017 and so first day is the 20th to the 21st, second day will be evening 21st to 22nd (this will also be the blowing of the last trumpet) and the third day starts in the evening of the 22nd day to the 23rd day which could be that night where Jesus will come like a thief!

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