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Triple Grace Interactive Faith Movement™ Basic Information

 Take part in the greatest Revival of Faith the World has ever seen and join the Triple Grace Interactive Faith Movement™ to build a Team and earn Grants for your righteous work.


How do you start?

1. Donation Points

Every day each member will do certain daily tasks which will be awarded by Donation Points. Every action has a certain DP (Donation Point) value and all awarded DP will be added to the member's account.

All DP will be converted to monetary Grants at the 10th of the month following their creation and be paid out to the member on the 20th of that month. The member can use the Grants for his righteous work, his Team or his family as he thinks fit.

 (Grant average per member is $500 - $5000 per month!)

 The main important issue is to collect as many Donation Points as possible!

Some actions will give you 10 DP,  others 20 DP or more. Do the actions daily and look for all and any opportunity to increase your DP account.

2. Increase your DP Account by bringing in Sponsors or Donations

Your member account has a Sponsor-o-Meter and Donation-o-Meter on the left side. These Meters will show how much Sponsor- or Donation-Value you will have brought to the Triple Grace Interactive Faith Movement™.

Sponsors are non members who are willing to assist our righteous cause with any amount. Donations are direct Donations by yourself or Donations by your Team.

For every amount you will be awarded Donation Points and these Points will be added to your Account.

3. Build your Team

Reach out to other people by telling them about the TGIFM™ and win them as members. All members that you will bring in with your personal link will become your Team and you will be their Angel (Sponsor) and will assist them to start and be successful with their own Team.

As an Angel you will receive DP for all Sponsors and Donations your Team will accumulate and you will receive a share of the Donation Point Pool that includes all DPs from every member each month up to 12 Generations of your down line.

 The DP Pool will significantly increase your monthly Grant value.


Use these simple steps to become very successful at TGFIM™:

A. Collect enough Donation Points every month to attain and keep the rank of Roserian Gold

B. Recruit your own Team and let them fulfill Point A as well

C. Bring in Sponsors and Donations to fill up your DP Account

Receive your monthly Grants on every 20th of the month by different payment methods!

Combine your Faith, righteous work and your Family with Love, Unity and Support at Triple Grace Interactive Faith Movement™.

And the best thing at the end:

 TGIFM™ is open to all nations, all races, all colors and all religions.

Be part of this new Revival Movement!

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