Triple Grace

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Be successful


Start by doing the Daily Actions you will find at your Account Homepage or under Specials - Daily Actions. Your aim is to reach the rank of Roserian Gold every month. This requires to accumulate 2000 Donation Points (DP) in your account.

You can reach the 2000 DP by slowly collecting these points or placing a recurring donation under RPM (Righteous Path Movement Charity). A recurring donation will guarantee that you will always keep the rank of Roserian Gold which is important for building your team and to earn your monthly Grant.

After securing the rank of Roserian Gold you will start to build your Team by reaching out to recruit new members through the advertisement materials and your personal link we provide. We call your Team an online Society of the Rose which you will nourish and grow. Each and every team member will add to your monthly grant by you taking part in their earned DP.

By building a team you will be able to move up the ranks of Triple Grace. Refer to the Title page under Ranks. A higher rank will give you more benefits and better opportunities at our Faith Movement and it will prepare you to start a physical Society of the Rose in your area.

At the time of starting your own physical Society of the Rose you will have learned all about Triple Grace, RPM and the Religion of the Rose. This stage will allow you to spread your Love, Unity and Support to all needy in the real world and will fulfill your heart and soul with complete satisfaction.

The highest rank is the Son of Light which will be your ultimate goal to reach. That title will be given to you when you assist and support 4 Bondservant Gold in your team. At this point you have reached the highest, righteous level Triple Grace offers and your are walking a new path in your life of Love, Unity and Support.

Let your Faith shine by reaching the highest rank and being very successful for you, your family and the needy ones in your area. GOD will bless you and your family with a new life and all the Love of the Universe.

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