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Become Roserian Gold


You need 2000 Donation Points to reach the rank of Roserian Gold. This title is the base that you should accomplish every month.

To collect the 2000 Donation Points you can either look at your DP Log under Specials and the Daily Actions to find all opportunities to accumulate Points or you can create a recurring donation at RPM (Righteous Path Movement Foundation) which will give you enough DP to qualify for the rank of Roserian Gold.

By using the recurring donation you will make sure that you will always obtain the title of Roserian Gold each month even if you can not do your actions daily. The recurring donation is highly recommended and will give you 100 DP extra every month.

The Great Donor program within the first 20 days of registration will allow you to start a recurring donation with special benefits (see the Great Donor program here: Great Donor Program)

Please have a look at the following Menu Points:

- Daily Actions
- DP Log
- Great Donor Program
- Recurring Donations (available from Triple Grace 2.0)

Triple Grace Interactive Faith Movement is free for every member and doesn't require to donate any money. You can always use your Daily Actions and the opportunities in your DP Log to advance in the ranks.

However if you are already used to the principle of tithing and supporting, the creation of a recurring donation or using the Great Donor program is the way to go.


No matter which way you go, it is very easy to become Roserian at Triple Grace Interactive Faith Movement!

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