Triple Grace

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We have a dream ...


We have a dream that our world has no borders, that everybody can live and work where he chooses, that the basic needs (shelter, food and health care) are taken care of for all world citizens. That we use our creativity and knowledge to empower all mankind and that we support each other regardless of race, color or belief.

We have a dream that our economy is not driven anymore by money and profit but instead works for the preservation of nature, animals and promotes the higher values of all people. That money is a thing of the past and we can choose to work in the job of our dreams and ambitions instead to be employed to make ends meet.

We have a dream that the world has neither rich nor poor people and that all imbalances created by greed and power lust are gone. That we live equally blessed and in harmony with nature and our neighbors. That all world resources belong to the citizens of our planet and not to profit-oriented companies.

We have a dream that we control our own lives, be able to realize our dreams within a working world society and that we work hand in hand for a better and brighter future without suffering, hunger and wars.



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