Triple Grace

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Direct Roserians (DRO) are your Team members that you recruit through your Affiliate link. You will earn from their activities every month (See Benefits).

If you build a large, active Team you will be able to increase your monthly Grants significantly and you will advance in rank much more quickly. Use your Affiliate link everywhere on Blogs, Forums, websites, etc.

You will find recruiting new Direct Roserians is not very difficult. However your aim is to have active Roserians which will require that you as the Teamleader will support them on their way in Triple Grace. We offer a DRO-Mailer so that you can easily contact your Team and assist them in all cases of questions.

DRO's are the most important part in your new path with Triple Grace. Add the Affiliate link right from your own registration to as many places as possible. Soon we will also add nice Advertising Tools like banners to the site.

Building your Team must be the highest priority if you want to be successful at Triple Grace!

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