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GOD's Banking

How to invest into the Millennium Kingdom


Use your money and wealth for Kingdom purposes:

"Our Wealth shall bring forth Love and Righteousness around the World" - Michael


How to invest your Money and Wealth through the Love of GOD

Money - Paper money, Gold, Silver or any other Wealth - shall be used for the benefit of GOD's Kingdom. It shall be used to bring forth the true Sons and Daughters of GOD and to lift up the needy, the suffering and the brokenhearted.

Does this mean that we will not have any return or reward for investing our money?

Far from so. The Kingdom investments offer next to the gracious heavenly crowns of Charity and Kindness also earthly benefits such as access to places of safety, support of the Sons of GOD, charitable grants for your own righteous actions and free membership in the Community of Friends.

GOD's banking is based on sharing, caring and pooling of resources for Kingdom purposes such as spreading the true and eternal Gospel of the Kingdom worldwide, removing poverty, eradicating hunger and suffering, ending wars and setting captives free. But also establishing righteous assemblies of Love, Unity and Support in all Nations and Towns.

GOD's banking is outlined in the Book of Acts and interwoven with Leviticus and the practices of the Jubilee and the release of debts:

"They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the communion, to the breaking of bread and to prayer...All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need…They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people." (Acts 2:42-47)

We see here the pooling of resources for the assemblies so that everybody had enough to do the work of the LORD. Others saw these examples and the assemblies enjoyed the favor of all the people.

If this worked already so well in relatively poor times, how will it work today with all the wealth we have accumulated. Today we use our wealth for egoistic motives such as greed and increasing riches. It is time to invest wisely!

Invest in the Kingdom to come, the Millennium Kingdom, into Kingdom purposes based on Love and Righteousness. This is GOD's banking, when all come together to bring Heaven down to Earth covered with the Glory of GOD and filled with the latter rain of the Holy Spirit.

Let us outline the investment strategy that we can embrace within GOD's banking:

  1. Pooling of Resources with other believers or within an assembly
  2. Investing in Kingdom Investment Funds instead giving to ordinary Charities
  3. Investing in Assemblies of true Sons and Daughters of GOD (as a Supporter)
  4. Investing in righteous projects initiated and controlled by such Assemblies (as a Sponsor)
  5. Lending money for righteous projects of Kingdom purposes such as Community growth, protection of Nature and Resources, Education and establishing of Kingdom based companies or group activities around the World
  6. Sharing of Wealth such as Houses, Properties or Businesses for righteous projects of Assemblies - for example a printing company can share printing equipment to print the Book of Love or any other educational material

No matter if you pool, share or invest - do it for Kingdom purposes only outside of the World, Churches and religious doctrines. Do it with and for Love and Righteousness.

Our Righteous Path Movement Foundation is the first organization that is truly based on GOD's banking and you are able to receive benefits from donations in connection with our educational website Triple Grace and a free membership therein.

RPM (Righteous Path Movement Foundation) offers several Donation Funds for specific Kingdom purposes and the bringing forth of new Assemblies - Societies of the Rose. A potential Donor can select the project or fund he likes or can split his amount over several righteous projects. We are going to increase the number of projects in the course of time and every donor receives a free membership at Triple Grace - our Community of Friends:

Triple Grace

You will find the first and true Foundation based on GOD's plan for the Kingdom here:

Righteous Path Movement Foundation

Do not send your funds to ordinary charitable Organizations but help us pool the resources of the true believers to bring forth Kingdom purposes only and to lift up the needy, the suffering and the brokenhearted. We also accept pure Sponsorships without being a member of Triple Grace. Please contact us for Sponsorships under

Try the Righteous Path Movement Foundation with a part of your usual donations which you send to ordinary Charities and test us to see the benefits.

You can also send funds by PayPal or make it recurring monthly here:

GOD's Banking


GOD's banking is pure and based on Love and Righteousness. Every true believer should use his money or wealth for Kingdom purposes only!


Join the Righteous Path Movement Foundation and use your money for Kingdom purposes through GOD's banking.


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