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Great Donor Program

The Great Donor Program allows you to earn 150 DonationPoints by setting up a recurring monthly Donation that includes 2000 DP from our Charity site: RPM.


You will be immediately promoted to Roserian Gold, receive 150 DP extra and the Great Donor badge will be added to your account. Furthermore you will honorably mentioned with photo on the Great Donor Wall.

The Great Donor Program is only available during the first 20 days after the member's registration with Triple Grace. You must select a Donation that provides you with 2000 DP and pay for it within 20 days from becoming a member at our site.

In addition Great Donors are getting a 5% increase of all monthly grants as long as they pay for their selected donation every month.

Be part of the Great Donor Program and receive all the benefits today. Go to RPM, select a Donation that carries 2000 DP and pay for it. We will upgrade your Account after the payment is received.

Triple Grace Great Donor Program is only available for 20 days after your registration. So act now and be part of it!

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