Triple Grace

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Hints and Tips


  1. Place a recurring monthly donation under RPM that will give you 2000 DonationPoints. It will guarantee you the rank of Roserian Gold each month which is necessary to earn the monthly Grant and to receive all benefits Triple Grace offers.
  2. Take part in the Great Donor Program to secure extra 150 DP and 10% extra on top for all monthly grants as long as the recurring donation is paid monthly.
  3. Build your Team by using the Affiliate Link: to promote Triple Grace. A strong Team will lead to higher monthly Grants and you will secure better ranks and badges faster.
  4. Read all pages and understand the idea behind the Triple Grace Interactive Faith Movement™.
  5. Spread the word about Triple Grace in Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  6. When you are ready show an example and establish a physical Society of the Rose in your Town.


You can send us your own hint or tip to be added here. Please use the Support Ticketdesk to provide us with your Hint. Approved and added Tips will attract 50 extra DP!

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