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How to make Donations?

Donations, so called Tithings, are support for righteous and good causes and we receive them through our registered Charity "Righteous Path Movement Foundation" (RPM). Click the RPM link on the right of the main menu and you will be sent to the RPM donation pages. Here you will find many different options to donate for good causes, general support of Triple Grace, RPM items or the Book of Love.

Select your desired project or item and you will see the details of the cause or offer. Here you can also find out how many Donation Points (DP) you will receive for this project. Remember that Donation Points are important because they will establish your rank, status and determine the amount of the monthly Grant.

Place the project or item in your donation basket and proceed to checkout. Here you have a variety of options to pay the amount. After payment you will receive an receipt by e-mail and if you used a credit card the statement will reflect a donation to RPM. Now return to Triple Grace and you will see that the DP amount of the donation was added to your Account and also your Donation-o-Meter was adjusted accordingly.

Will Donations from my Team be added to my Account and Donation-o-Meter?

You will receive Donation Points for your own donations or the donations of your Direct Roserians (DRO) and your Co-Roserians (CRO). Non members can also donate as Sponsors and this will be reflected in your Sponsor-o-meter (See Sponsoring for details).

Is it difficult to convince members to do tithing?

Most people donate already towards certain charities. Either weekly, monthly or at other intervals they support good causes. It is recommended at the beginning to advice new members to use 50% of the donations they do regularly and donate them to the Roghteous Path Movement Foundation (RPM). In this case they do not have to increase their tithing and will also not feel bad about abandoning their old charities. Later on they can increase their donations as they come to know Triple Grace and RPM better.

Does a member receive extra Donation Points for new Sponsors?

Yes, every new Sponsor will add 150 DP towards the account of the member who reached out to these people.

Can a member donate for items or goods?

The Righteous Path Movement Foundation (RPM) offers next to good causes certain items and goods. For example RPM allows donations for a tie with our rose logo, t-shirts. caps and jackets. You can also donate for the Book of Love, the Faith Bible of all Roserians, with philosophical pointers to meditate about, our principles and prayers to GOD. More items and goods may be added over time.

How many times can I donate at RPM?

You can donate as many times as you wish. By donating you can increase your Donation Points and the standing of your account at Triple Grace significantly. Remember that the DP will determine your monthly Grant!

Can the donations be used to secure the rank of Roserian Gold every month?

As you know you should reach the rank of Roserian Gold each month to receive all benefits of Triple Grace. The rank requires a minimum of 2000 DP. You are able to place a recurring, monthly donation at RPM which will give you every month on the 10th 2000 DP and will elevate you each month automatically to the rank of Roserian Gold. In this way you can concentrate on building your Team and Society. You will find different options for a recurring donations on the RPM pages.

Is there another way to secure the rank of Roserian Gold right from the beginning of my membership at Triple Grace?

You can join the Great Donor program within the first 20 days of your membership by placing a recurring donation at RPM for a minimum of 2000 DP. If you become a Great Donor you will receive 10% in extra Grants every month towards your account, get a special Great Donor Crown and after 6 months we will send you a Great Donor pin which you can wear on your Thursday Uniform.

Do the members benefit in any other way from RPM except from Donation Points?

RPM will place all monthly donations together in what we call the "Donation Fountain". 20% of the donation fountain will be divided by all active members and you will receive a certain number of blessings (shares) from the Fountain. The number depends on your activity in the month prior to the calculation and all blessings will be added to your account. Blessings for your Team DPs will increase your grant if you achieved the rank of Disciple or higher in the month prior to the calculation. Team Blessings will be added for all members with the minimum rank of Roserian Gold in your downline up to 12 levels deep depending on your own personal rank.

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