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How to start a Society of the Rose?

7 Steps of Faith (Courtesy of a Voice in the Desert):


7 Steps to start a Society of the Rose in your Neighborhood:

  1. PRAY to GOD and ask him for your destiny and that he will show you the narrow, righteous path. Don't be afraid if it seems to be difficult what GOD will tell you. He will send you the Holy Spirit to assist you on your way!
  2. SIMPLIFY your Life by being content with what you have and do not crave for the riches of this world but start to build up treasures in Heaven. We do not need designer clothes, huge houses, big cars, etc. but follow Yeshua by simplifying your life. (1 Timothy 6:8)
  3. SELL all your possessions that do not fit your new destiny and your new simplified life because they will hinder you on your new righteous path. (Luke 12:33) (Acts 2:44-45, 4:32-35)
  4. GIVE from your proceeds (Sale of your possessions) to the needy and suffering around you. Build a basic purse for your Society of the Rose as Jesus did who had a common purse for all of His and the Apostle needs. (1 Timothy 6:6)
  5. WORK every day together with all members of your Society of the Rose and do righteous deeds in your community. Do not work for money but to improve your neighborhood and the world. Spread the true eternal Gospel of the Kingdom and be a laborer of the end time harvest. Try to encourage people to start their own Society of the Rose and guide them in the process.
  6. ASK for assistance from Family members, friends and Sponsors. Donations will help to build your and other Societies of the Rose faster and will increase the help you can bring forth in your Community. (Matthew 10: 7-23) (1 Corinthians 9:11)
  7. SHARE what you have with your members in your Society and encourage them to share equally with you. Transportations and properties can be shared, meet for Love meals and prayers together and give everybody according to his needs. (Matthew 18:20) => Go out and find others to share your Faith and Life with in a Society of the Rose (We will help you to get started and support you along your new way on the righteous Path)

"Give me just 10 followers of Yeshua who are willing to lay their lives down for one another and for those around them, working day after day to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and I am confident that together we can turn any City in the World on his Head" (Quote: Voice of the Desert)

Use these 7 Steps to build your Society of the Rose and you can not fail!


How to live by Faith?


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