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Aim of the Triple Grace Interactive Faith Movement™


A member joins Triple Grace to change his Life to a new path of Love, Unity and Support. The aim is to establish a physical Society of the Rose in the area of the member, build a team of Roserians and serve your faith by assisting and supporting the needy around you.

Triple Grace assist you with monthly Grants that you earn through daily actions on the website, bringing in Sponsors, donate personally or through your team and by doing special righteous deeds according to the DP (Donation Points) Ledger that you find here: DP Log

The monthly Grants will be paid out to you at the 20th of each month by different payment options (see here). Every month each member who has qualified for the rank of Roserians or higher will take part in the "Donation Fountain" by receiving shares according to his monthly activities and the amount of DP he achieved.

By reaching out and building a Team (Online Society of the Rose) the member can increase his Grant amount and his DPs significantly. Please see the Donation Potential page here.

Ultimately the goal is to establish a physical Society of the Rose in the area of your interest and to serve your community. The highest achievable rank of Son of Light supports 4 physical Society of the Rose with knowledge, visions and actions. See the different titles and requirements here: Ranks.

Every member will receive Crown Badges for his achievements that will be shown in his account and certain Pins will be mailed to our members to place them on their Uniforms for the Thursday meetings. More info on Uniforms and Badges here.

If your Soul or Faith has ever called you to help and assist your community, you need to sign up and become a Roserian at Triple Grace Interactive Faith Movement™ . We support you with materials to reach out, Knowledge base, Forum, Videos, Galleries, monthly Grants towards your Society (Team) and many other benefits.

Let your Faith shine through the Triple Grace Interactive Faith Movement™ .

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