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Prophecies from GOD

August 2015

"Jordan will be no more"


I received a vision from the LORD that Jordan will be no more very soon. There will be a war and at the end the Kingdom of Jordan will be taken!

Urgent! See this Video (Author: John Kilpatrick) from 2.February 2017 (2 years after my Vision) about Jordan's Future at min 22.42:
Amazing! After Jordan will be taken, it will become a Sanctuary Country under UN Supervision!
More prophecies will be added here over time and also you might not believe them, I know that they will all come true and you will see it in the near future.


Vision 8/8/17 (8) 3:33

I was awakened by the Spirit and felt an enormous joy throughout my soul and body. Then the Spirit said: "The child is born". In my mind I felt that this meant not only one child but many children. Immediately I was taken back to a dream I had several years ago in which I opened a big door in the ground and hidden underneath I saw a huge water spring with clear water coming out of the ground.This pure water would run over the corner of the spring area and was being distributed all over the place. Today I understood the meaning. The hidden children are born for a time such as this. The righteousness that will stand in the gates were brought forth.

Who are these children?

They are the First Fruits for the Kingdom, the ones who found favor in the LORD's eyes, who have an intimate relationship and work with GOD, who love GOD with all of their hearts, minds, soul and strength and who care for GOD's people more than for their own lives.

The trumpet call for them went out on the 4th of August and then the perfect birth calculated from 16th of November 2016 took place today on 8/8/2017!! This was the spiritual birth of the First Fruits after the crossing of the Jordan (see Elijah and Elisha in the bible). They received the double anointing for a time such as this. To take the battle to the gates.

Which are the gates?

The gates are Jericho (the enemy gate), Bethel (the worldly gate) and Gilgal (the gate to the promised land). In the same manner as Elisha they will now cross the Jordan again to manifest their powers in the world. At the same time when Michael will throw down Satan from Heaven and Satan will manifest on Earth, these first fruits will manifest at the first gate of Jericho after crossing back over the Jordan. The first battle will be against the enemy (the evil forces) and the first fruits will prevail. Then they will continue to the World (Gate of Bethel) and all the mockers and scoffers will see them manifesting in great power and glory in the world to be the example of righteousness in the dark hour. They will follow GOD's commandments from Mt. Horeb and will have the testimony of Jesus Christ by acting together in Love, Unity and Support. The world will marvel over their acts and their gifts. Finally the last battle will rage at the Gate to the promised land (Gilgal). This battle can only be won by Jesus coming in the clouds with the heavenly hosts to destroy the enemy to start the Millennium (the Kingdom of GOD on Earth).

So be joyful because a child was born to us who will rule the Nations with a rod of iron! Praise GOD for all His Glory, Loving Kindness and Mercy! Maranatha.

Please contact me here or under my e-mail when you see any of my visions come true:
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