Triple Grace

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Reaching out to the World!


1. Using your Member or Sponsor link

Add your Member or Sponsor link to any website, blog or forum to attract new believers for your team. It is advisable to use an informative description to place your link so that new prospects will be interested to sign up.

2. Post links to Triple Grace Videos or Images

You can post Video or Image links to Social Media, websites or blogs to bring new members to the Triple Grace Interactive Faith Movement™. Add the links to sites with similar content for better impact.

3. Add information to Social Media

Write about Triple Grace at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Use the Share it button at each Donation project or item.

4. Add your links to your E-Mails

Each time you send an e-mail, attach your links from Triple Grace to receive more members to your Team. You can use text ads as signature in most e-mail providers.

5. Write articles about Triple Grace in Blogs

Write interesting articles about the Triple Grace Interactive Faith Movement™ or your experience in Blogs and add your personal links so that people can sign up to your team.

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