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April 2018

A Holy Convocation!

The Rehearsal of the Kingdom


Societies of the Rose rehearse the Millennium Kingdom:

"H4744 - Miqrah: something called out, that is, a public meeting (the act, the persons, or the place); also a rehearsal: - assembly, calling, convocation, reading." - Michael

1. Love

Love your GOD above all else and your Neighbor as yourself - When Jesus reigns in the Millennium Kingdom the Love of GOD will fill the World!

2. Unity

Coming together with the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit to be an example of GOD's Glory on Earth - Under Jesus in the Millennium Kingdom we are all united in brotherly love!

3. Support

Lifting up the meek, the poor, the suffering and showing them the righteous path towards Mount Zion without any rewards - Jesus will ultimately remove and eradicate any pain or suffering on Earth!


The great Rehearsal of the Millennium Kingdom to be an example to the world and a Light in the Darkness!


March 2018

Operation Triple Grace

The LORD is calling out his elected ones - Believers who are willing to take up their crosses and follow Jesus where ever he goes. Are you ready to walk the righteous path in Love, Unity and Support?

Join us to become part of Operation Triple Grace and shine forth as Jesus did when he walked the Earth. Come out of Babylon and submit to GOD 24/7 by lifting up the meek, the suffering and the needy to guide them to a new way of life.

Join or build a Society of the Rose in your neighborhood and be an example of goodness in this evil world. Set the captives free and remove bondage from all who suffer. Go forth with GOD's Shekhinah Glory and under his strong wing. Be active in your faith daily and forsake religious doctrines or man-made glory in Sunday services.

It is time for a new thing and the LORD is calling you to be part of it. Societies of the Rose are the manifestation of the rebuild Tabernacle of David for the Millennium Kingdom. It is time to commit yourself fully to the LORD and to forsake the World and their Honors.

You are called to be a true believer and bring the remnant of Christ together in Love, Unity and Support and through true and righteous deeds which you perform every day - in the manner of Jesus Christ and his work for all humanity. Shine forth as Jesus did, come out of back-slidden churches and stand up for the LORD - start you own Society of the Rose in your area and walk in the footsteps of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Show forth Love, Unity and Support and walk the narrow, righteous Path to the Millennium. We have prepared for you all instructions and help to shine forth in your Life on our website:
Triple Grace

Register, read, learn and finally do the first step on the righteous path in unity with true believers. You can use all resources, videos and forums to ask questions and get assistance throughout your holy walk from other believers and other Noah's in your country or worldwide. Join us completely free, show your faith, rescue the remnant, be part of Operation Triple Grace and shine forth in GOD's Shekhinah Glory every day.

We will help you step by step on your new path - your new life in righteousness. You can reach us 24/7 for support and information on our website and in our forums. We also assist all of our Societies in their Growth with Knowledge and Funds for their Deeds of Love towards the Needy and Suffering.

It is time to become a Roserian, take up your Mantle of Authority given to you by the LORD and be part of Triple Grace - your House of Hey for the Remnant of the Millennium. Register for free and be part of the Millennium movement here:
Triple Grace

Further Information and possibilities of support without being a member are available under these links:
Righteous Path Movement Foundation or Patreon


February 2018 Part 2

The Noah Pattern and Triple Grace

Noah built the Ark a long time without seeing any Rain or Flood amidst many Scoffers and Mockers, even most likely within his own family - Triple Grace and the Religion of the Rose were built in the last 8 years without much support and amidst many scoffers and mockers including family relations but we, like Noah, never gave up on our Mission because we follow the call of our LORD!

Then the Animals came in pairs not by the calling of Noah or his might and power but by the Spirit of the LORD and Noah took good care and fed these Animals because he would send them out in pairs to populate the Earth - Triple Grace sees now the coming in of the First Fruits who will be paired in faith to be trained and fed with the Sword of the Spirit to bring forth Societies of the Rose in every Nation and every Town!

Finally the doors where closed and the Flood came but Noah, his Family and the Animals were safe and protected by GOD - When the evil Flood will come over the Earth and Darkness will swallow the Light then Triple Grace, the Religion of the Rose and all members will be safe in their Arks (Societies of the Rose) and the Earth will swallow the Flood!

After the Flood Noah opened the Ark and released all Animals in pairs to multiply on Earth. Noah built an Altar to the LORD for remembrance and GOD sent forth the Rainbow a sign of his covenant with the world - Triple Grace will send out all members in pairs to establish Love, Unity and Support with the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit through the Societies of the Rose in every Nation and every Town to build an Altar throughout the World for the LORD and to establish his final covenant of Peace!

Righteousness and Faith will return and Light will break the Darkness even in troubled times. The Roserians (members of Triple Grace and the Religion of the Rose) will walk in the footsteps of Yeshua and will shine forth as He did when He walked the Earth. They will be an example of God's Shekhinah Glory to the world and the Light in the Darkness!

You can join us here on the website, follow our Blog or subscribe to our Newsletters. Be the Light in the Darkness and be part of the House of Hey - 555 - Triple Grace!

May GOD bless you and your Family!



February 2018

No Action

We talk, listen and talk but have no Action!

Action is not online charity, listening to christian videos or channels, Sunday Church Service, online conferences, throwing around holy scriptures or christian words, claiming to be saved, reciting bible verses, thinking to be a good person. It is not even going out and help the poor if you then return to your worldly life.

What does teaching and talk help if you do not put it into Action?

And I mean real Action: 24/7 Action as the Apostles did it when they left behind their work and families.

We were taught for 2000 years about Christian values but the world saw no real example of putting it into action and today our society is more worse than it was at Jesus times.

Where are the people who shine forth as Jesus did when he walked the Earth? Where is the organization that has written GOD on their foreheads? Where are men and women who despise Death, Satan, Gold, Riches and worldly Honors? Where are the people who can remove mountains?

The world is like a big Lake and everybody is fishing in this Lake for worldly trophies. Be the first to put aside your fishing gear, stand up, walk away from the Lake and build a group of zealous people. Zealous for the LORD and his earthly Kingdom with daily coming together in Love, Unity and Support, searching out the suffering, needy, nameless and faceless to lift them up in GOD's Glory.

To support one another, to secure one another outside the common ways, to build a brotherhood of righteousness, to live without fear and under the wing of protection by GOD Almighty.

To be an example of the Shekhinah Glory on Earth so that the world can marvel about your actions and zeal. So that the world will say that you are truly blessed by our GOD.

Meeting daily, commune and praising the LORD daily, planning your next righteous deeds daily, spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom daily, lifting up the poor and needy daily, strengthening you brother and sisters daily, focus on the coming Kingdom daily and walk the righteous path towards it daily.

Be counted worthy and righteous by GOD!


If you need help and further support to build your own righteous group in your area, please feel free to contact us at or join our Interactive Websites at and


January 2018

Be a Twin of Heaven

We should be Twins of Heaven representing the Saints and Jesus. Shine forth like Jesus did when he walked the Earth. Not being involved in religious doctrines but walking the righteous path in Love, Unity and Support. Measure by the heart and not by prejudice.

We need a shake up. There is a radical call to a radical life, a life and way of thinking that’s not about sitting around in a church doing humanly sensible things, taking the safe decisions and options, raising our children in a cocoon of safety and ‘fun’, often to see them walk out into life either indifferent to Jesus, or as merely passive members of a church. It’s not about ‘a religion that makes sense’. It’s not about God always keeping us safe on the roads if we pray regularly and go to meeting on time and read the Bible now and again.

It’s about a call to do that which is humanly nonsensical, but to give and give up things in faith, to risk, to aim high, to leap in faith. I see this spirit in those newly baptized. But so often I see it quenched by their attendance at church driving them into the status quo, the utter monotony of civilized church life, within a nominally Christian culture. I’m not against meetings; to be together in the body of Christ is a vital part of our growth. But it has to be said that all too often, the structure ends up rationalizing apathy, and absolving the newly won individual from the great weight of personal responsibility which they feel to take Christ to their world. Somehow we have to ensure that we all keep in personal contact with our Lord, with the spirit of the Gospels, that we never lose that sense of personal encounter with Him. For this will ever keep us from worrying too much what others think of us, doing what is smart and acceptable and right in the eyes of men… rather we will think only of what is right in His eyes. We’ll get the spirit of David as he danced before the Lord, being himself, with his wife mocking him for what he was looking like in the eyes of men (2 Sam. 6:21,22).

The cause of the Kingdom must be forcefully advanced by “violent men” (Mt. 11:12). This was the sort of language the Lord used. He wasn’t preaching anything tame, painless membership of a comfortable community.

Jesus was radically different from that of both the ecclesia and the world of His day. For them, prayer was to take place within the synagogue and temple. Yet Jesus prayed in a desert, in a garden, on mountains...but He is never recorded as praying in the temple or synagogue. The biography of any other religious Jew of the first century would have included a mention of his prayers in those places. But not with Jesus. His prayer life was radically at variance with that of his contemporaries. Strangely and paradoxically, the generation contemporary with Jesus were one of the most legalistically obedient, Law-honouring generations in Israel's sad history. The Lithuanian Jew Jacob Neusner commented: " It was not a sinning generation, but one deeply faithful to the covenant and the Scripture, perhaps more so than [any other]" (2). Yet this generation that sought more than any other to keep the Law and be serious about their obligations to God were the very ones who murdered His Son. The world of Jesus was in collision with that of the ecclesia and world of His day.

And who is to say that the true spirit of Jesus may not be the same today, in these last days. The true vision of Jesus calls the true ecclesia to be the alternative culture of our age. The dominant values of this world- affluence, achievement, appearance, personal advancement, power, consumption, selfish individualism- are in total collision with anything that is of the real Christ. We are not to separate our lives into two realms, one religious and the other secular. Spiritual life is not something merely private and internal. The real Christ demands of us that we are Him; that " to live is [to be] Christ" ; that our whole lives in every part of them are based around Him, whatever the cost.

Israel was a society bound together by ‘norms’ of behaviour and taboos regarding cleanliness. Yet prophets like Jeremiah and Ezekiel had been asked to openly break with the conventions of their environment, in order to draw attention to the message they were preaching- which was that God is likewise outside of the conventions of human environments, and His message is a radical call to quit them and be ourselves, His children and not the children of this world. The Lord asked a man on the way to his dad’s funeral to “let the dead bury their dead” and instead come with Him and preach the Gospel- and this chimes in seamlessly with the way God treated the prophets and commissioned them for witness to His people. The prophets were perceived as men raised up by God in a crisis situation, to do something special in their generation, to be God’s men of the moment which we admire from the safe distance of historical study.

And we too can feel the same about them. But the Lord bursts abruptly into this complacency- ‘thou art the man!’ is very much the message. Our lives are likewise to be lived [in this sense] in a spirit of all out effort for God’s people in urgent crisis. A man in a desperate war situation might dodge out of his dear dad’s funeral procession to fight the enemy or save a life that was immediately and urgently threatened. But it would have to be a pretty urgent and immediate crisis, that bore down very personally upon him.

‘And this’, the Lord is saying, ‘is the intensity and pressing urgency of the spiritual battle I’ve called you to’. I salute the Lord as highly as I can for the totally artless and majestic way in which He packed so much challenge into those few words: “Let the dead bury their dead”.

Be a Twin of Heaven and walk the righteous path in Love, Unity and Support. Shine forth a Jesus did. Today, tomorrow and forever more!


December 2017

Not physical but spiritual

All are looking for the physical appearance of the Revelation 12 signs but since these events take place in Heaven we must acknowledge that they are actually not physical but spiritual.

What do I mean by that?

The birth of the man child (Jupiter) was a spiritual birth into a new level of understanding and truth. These new awakened people (GOD's chosen ones) are taken through the Holy Spirit to GOD and His throne spiritually for protection (access to the Holy Place) to take them out of harms way of Satan.
GOD is now bestowing on them mantles of authorities in this time when heaven and earth merge and converge to prepare them for the time of war in heaven and the fall of Satan to Earth. This merge is a spiritual coming together of all time lines in perparation for the Kingdom on Earth that is coming soon. Which mantles are bestowed now?

The mantles of

Noah - Building thousands of Arks worldwide to gather the faithful for the last harvest
Abraham - to establish a new family for GOD (a Joel 2 Army for the last stand)
Joseph - gather in the Harvest in the 7 years of plenty to feed all in the 7 years of drought
Moses - stand strong against the evil Pharaoh (Antichrist) and bring in the last great Exodus
David - building the Holy Zion and rebuilding the Tabernacle of David
Solomon - build the new spiritual temple of GOD and rule with Wisdom
Elijah - rebuilding the true Altar of the LORD out of the wastes
Mordecai - bring in and prepare the bride and sit in the gates against Antichrist
John - being the forerunner of our LORD and shine forth as Jesus did when he walked the Earth
James - do righteous deeds in Love, Unity and Support every day (Faith without deeds is dead)
Peter and Paul - being the foundation (Society of the Rose) of the Millennium coming and going to all Nation to spread the true and eternal Gospel of the Kingdom

Many more Mantles are placed right now on the shoulders of the elect by GOD. They will all come together in Societies of the Rose in every Nation and every own to be an example to the World and shine forth as Jesus did in Love, Unity and Support.

We (Triple Grace) are establishing the network of these Societies of the Rose throughout the Earth in true Faith and righteous deeds and bring the Roserians out of this World into a new way of life.

Everybody can be a part of this Millennium Movement and can join or establish a Society of the Rose in his neighborhood or just become a Sponsor of our Mission. For more Information please visit our web pages:

Triple Grace
Righteous Path Movement Foundation
Religion of the Rose

or send us a message to

Be a part of the Millennium Movement and show your Love, Unity and Support for the Kingdom purposes!


November 2017

Man-made Religions

I see that we are still far away from the Millennium. In the Millennium we will be finally free from all man-made religions. Our Faith at that time, and there will be only one, will be with Jesus and his Father, GOD Almighty alone and will not be diluted by man-made religions like Christianity, Judaism or any other. We need to bring the true believers together in Love, Unity and Support so that they will shine forth like Jesus as he walked the Earth.

Did Jesus not speak against the prevailing man-made religion at his time and told us to focus on our Heavenly Father. When will we learn to come out of our man-made religions and start walking the narrow path to Righteousness. There is no need for conversion from one man-made religion to another when we can clearly see that neither of them will be the One Faith under the One King (Jesus) in the Millennium. Take a close look at the coming together of the first followers of Jesus and you will see a glimpse of the daily righteous life under our King Yeshua in the Millennium. They had all in common, supported one another and took care of all who where in need. They had no religious barriers but spread freely the word to all men and accepted everybody to share their way of life. They came together in their houses and it was more a new way of life than our lip service we have today.

In many cases today we have lifted the servant (Paul/Peter) over the master (Jesus), created our own fantasies and even instigated rebellion in heavenly places by our replacement theology that the Prince (Jesus) has replaced the commandments of the King (GOD, his father). A Kingdom divided will fall and can be easily infiltrated by the Enemy which we see by either prosperity and poverty teachers today. The world needs a balance of Law and Grace outside our standard way of thinking.

We need to unite, holding all in common, serve GOD not our Churches, pray and praise the Almighty and do righteous deeds every day. Only then we are at the starting point to walk to the Millennium.


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October 2017


GOD's expectations?

What does GOD expect from us?

Shall we follow religious doctrines or man-made creeds? Shall we make it difficult for believers to find HIM? Is HE looking for the church goers? For the people who pronounce loudly that they are saved?


GOD wants us to come together in Love, Unity and Support, to shine forth like HIS Son Jesus did when he walked this earth. HE looks for the meek, the humble and the lost. HE will bring liberty to the captives and restore all things. HE wants to see us assemble under the New Altar of the One Faith for HIS Kingdom that comes onto the Earth!

Will it be difficult to travel the new, narrow path? If we overcome the world and their desires not but if we go astray to the right or the left we will pay the ultimate price of eternal condemnation! Let us walk together the narrow path of Love, Unity and Support to reach the new altar of the One Faith for the Millennium on which we will worship HIM day and night.

It is time to stand up and come together! Join the Religion of the Rose today and be part of GOD's Kingdom on Earth!



September 2017


Are you giving up?

Do we give in to the Enemy or do we start to build strongholds against his evil flood?

GOD calls us into our destiny by resisting the demonic and evil forces with the creation of strongholds in every nation and every town. It is our duty to uphold righteousness in times of darkness and to show Love, Unity and Support to the world.

The Religion of the Rose is dedicated to take up that fight against Satan and his minions by establishing Societies of the Rose all over our planet, in every nation and every town for all colors, creeds or tongues! We are now called into our destinies for such a time as this to be GOD's warriors and to stand strong against all lies and falsehoods in this world.

If they come to destroy our places or homes of worship then we will go underground like a resistance force but we will never give up on the truth. Righteousness must be restored and the way must be prepared for the coming Kingdom of GOD on Earth with one Faith under one King (YESHUA).

Take up the fight, stand strong against the deceptions that the enemy is placing in this world. Be part of the Battle at the Gates! Become a warrior for the LORD today! Shine like you have never done before and be the Light in the Darkness that covers the Earth!

Join us, support us, take up your stand and embrace your destiny as a warrior for the LORD to build Societies of the Rose worldwide with equal believers who stand together in Love, Unity and Support for GOD!




August 2017

Who entered into Clouds aside from Jesus?

One person in the bible entered the cloud to meet GOD aside from Jesus Ascension to the Clouds:

His name was Moses!

There are a lot of similarities between Moses and Jesus. Moses was called into the Cloud by GOD, the same as Jesus went into the cloud to meet his Father. Moses was a Mediator between GOD and the Israelites and Jesus was our Mediator. The Israelites down at the slopes of Mt. Horeb did not know the day or the hour of Moses return. Similar to the return of Jesus: Nobody knows the day and the hour. The Israelites had no Faith and so they made the Golden Calf before Moses returned. Do we have enough Faith not to make ourselves a Golden Calf before Jesus returns?

Moses came down from the cloud after 40 days. Jesus will come back after 40 Jubilees (2000 years).

Moses came down on the true Pentecost. Will Jesus come for the Rapture of his children on the true Pentecost in Summer?



July 2017

Come out of her, my people

Come out of Babylon!

Come out of Babylon (the World and all religious Systems) and become a Virgin not defiled by any Woman (worldly Religion). Be a New Person and become a Roserian.

Live in Love, Unity and Support in one of our Societies of the Rose worldwide. Be part of GOD's Kingdom on Earth and obey His commandments given to Moses on Mt. Horeb and live the Testimony of His Son Yeshua.

Walk in the footsteps of Jesus every day for the Glory of GOD Almighty and be part of the Remnants of the Last Days. Let your Light shine even in the darkest hour and stay strong against the deception of the AntiChrist.

The Religion of the Rose will be GOD's Army in the middle of the Tribulation and will be the Light in the Darkness. Stand with GOD or be against Him. Be a Roserian or remain a Goat that will separated from the Sheep at Judgement.



June 2017

A new view on Revelation 2 and 3

What do the 7 Churches represent in the Last Days?

Church of Ephesus:

Believers but no Tribulation Saints, they will die but have to wait for the second Resurrection (Rev. 20:13)

Church of Smyrna:

Tribulation Saints, part of the first Resurrection, priests of Jesus (Rev. 20:4-6)

Church of Pergamom:

Underground Army at AntiChrist's Place (Turkey), we will support and feed them (hidden Manna), instead of white clothes will be given a white stone. (Rev. 19:6-9)

Church of Thyatira:

Surviving believers but not clothed in white, will rule the Gentiles outside of Israel (Rev. 19:9)

Church of Sardis:

Roserian Leaders, 144000 First Fruits, clothed in white, build Societies of the Rose, walk with Jesus daily in the Millennium (Rev. 19:6-9)

Church of Philadelphia:

The raptured Christians (Bride of Christ), not present during the Millennium, will come down with New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:9-10)

Church of Laodizea:

Common Roserians, huge group in white clothes from all Nations, will sit with Jesus in the throne room (Rev. 7:9-17)




May 2017

The Zodiac shows the End Times

4 Zodiac signs represent the End Times and the Tribulation after the Church Age and the Rapture of the Christians:

  1. Taurus
  2. Gemini
  3. Cancer
  4. Lion


The charging bull represents the archangel Michael standing up in times of trouble (Daniel 12). His horns show the house of Israel, Ephraim and Manasseh (the 144000 and the multitude of the remnant in Revelation). See Deuteronomy 33:17

In the sign Taurus we find the Pleiades, Orion and Auriga. The Pleiades are the good angels and the place of the army of Heaven. Michael is their commander. Orion represents the great hunter, the antichrist, Nimrod and the place of the bad angels which will be thrown to earth with Satan after the war in Heaven which will take place in Orion. Auriga shows the shepherd king of Judah, the governor of Jerusalem. The Jews awaited Messiah David. This is not Jesus, the King David and the Lion of Judah.


The Twins represent the false Religion, Mystery Babylon. It is an alliance of two Edoms. The Edom of Kittim, Rome (Catholic Church) and the Arabic Edom, Mecca (Islam). The donkey and the camel in the Book of Gad the Seer. These are Castor (Apollo, Rome) and Pollux (Hercules, Club-Bearer, Horus or the Arabs). Orion is their leader.

In this constellation we find bordering Lepus and the Canis Major and Minor. Lepus the rabbit is a symbol for the remnant of the tribulation, the white hare that stands for GOD’s righteous people. Canis Major and Minor are the hunting dogs (Demons) of Orion the mighty hunter, the antichrist who is trying to destroy the remnants but they are protected by GOD’s seal (see Revelation 9:4)


The crab shows the body or seed of GOD’s work with the two claws, the 2 witnesses of Revelation. The crab stands in Jerusalem and will be overcome by the Antichrist and then taken to Heaven.

In this constellation we see the small and big dipper and Argo Navis. The small dipper or sheepfold shows the 144000 first fruits and the big dipper the multitude clothed in white linen (see Revelation 7). The Argo Navis is the End time ark for all Remnants protected by Yeshua to go through the Tribulation.


The constellation represents the Lion of Judah, Yeshua at his second coming for Judgement and the Millennium. A star shows the coming together of the House of Judah and the House of Israel and is called the Joining. Jesus will sit on his throne in Jerusalem and will rule all nations with a rod of iron.

Important is the Hydra, the snake which covers 1/3 of the Night sky and shows the Antichrist (Azazael), the false prophet and all people who take the mark of the beast. We also see a Cup on the back of the snake which symbolizes the 7 bowls of Revelation poured out on the evil empire. Finally Birds of Prey devour the flesh of the Snake after the Battle of Armageddon.

All these symbols and images can be found in these four constellations. Is this by coincidence? Or by design to show us what will happen soon.


April 2017

Christians must be raptured first!

The “Church” is not only the restrainer who keeps Satan and Antichrist chained in the deepest pit but also would not allow the last Covenant to happen.

Let me explain about the 3. Covenant which will fulfill the 1. and 2. Covenants:

In Jeremiah 31 we see that new covenant that GOD will institute with Judah and Israel. For that purpose he will take all believers out of the Nations they were spread to after Israel was dissolved. Now this Israel will not only contain Jews but also Gentiles (spiritual Israel). That Fact we can see very clearly in the Book of Ruth. Naomi and Ruth both are widows (left behind) and both are in a foreign land. Naomi representing the Jewish Israel and Ruth as a foreigner representing the Gentile Israel. Both are returning to Israel ( to the Jewish Roots – a kind of Restoration of all Things). When do they return? During the Barley and Wheat Harvests. So there is a Harvest and who is getting harvested? The “Church”, the Christians. What is left over of their faith will be incorporated into the new Covenant (Gleaning of the corner of the field). After Harvest Ruth under instruction of Naomi presents herself to the Kinsman-Redeemer Boaz. A Union of Gentiles and Jews will arise that will also benefit Naomi as she will get her old possession back. The gentile Ruth will follow Moses Law and brings in her Remnant Faith of the LORD Jesus. Jews will accept Jesus and the Millennium can start.

Btw., during the Millennium there are no “Church” People on earth. Simply due to the fact that they were promised Heaven and not Earth and also since they are the restrainer of Satan and Satan will be released after the 1000 years, they can not be on Earth otherwise Satan can not rise again.

In the book of GAD, the seer, mentioned in the bible, we see that three vine branches play a major role at the time just before the second coming of Jesus. These three vine branches are Judah, Israel (Jewish) and Gentiles (spiritual Israel, Remnant) and will be taken to the heart, meaning creating the new bond with GOD (the new and last 3. Covenant). Also see Ezekiel 37:17-23 (making one stick out of Judah and Israel) and remember what will happen after Ezekiel 37 which is Ezekiel 38 GOG and Magog representing the Antichrist. The Christians as the restrainer must have been raptured before the story of the Book of Ruth, Gad the Seer, Jeremiah and Ezekiel takes place.

In the Millennium we see the Jews being the Priests to our King Jesus on the throne in Jerusalem, Jewish feasts will take place but also all Nations will go forth to Jerusalem.

A combination of Jewish Faith with Jesus Teachings is not possible until the “Church” is removed. The Remnants of the Tribulation (Tribulation Saints) follow GOD’s commandments given at Mount Sinai and Jesus Teachings => 3. Covenant which will lead to the Millennium. It is practised through out the Millennium until we see the New Heaven and New Earth when New Jerusalem the City of GOD is coming down with the raptured “Church”.

So pray to Jesus, follow the narrow path and be part of the first rapture prior to the Tribulation.

Religion of the Rose


March 2017

New World Order of Yeshua

Most people only know that an evil New World Order is coming associated with the Antichrist (Beast). However when Jesus will set up his Millennium Kingdom, he will also set up a New World Order of Love and Peace with One Faith under One King. The direct opposite to the Antichrist’s NWO.

Jesus will give a glimpse of his New World Order through the work and actions of the coming Elijah who will lead the remnants during the tribulations. This time period is called in the bible the first dominion when GOD sends his Holy Spirit to all flesh to do miracles and have dreams and visions.

Jesus’ Millennium will be the second dominion and will end after 1000 years with the releasing of Satan from his prison. Then the third dominion will be the New Heaven and New Earth which will last forever and ever.

Also keep in mind that between the first and second dominion and between the second and the third dominion Satan will come to try to control the earth and to stop the following dominion from happening.

I am looking forward to Yeshua’s New World Order of Love, Peace and Unity!



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