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Religion of the Rose


The Religion of the Rose Group was founded on 8th, March 2010 in Thailand by Michael. The aim of the Religion of the Rose is to unite all true believers and gather the lost 10 tribes of Israel together into a spiritual community of love, understanding and active work. For this purpose Societies of the Rose will be founded worldwide that spread the philosophical principles of the Roserians and recruit new members from all countries, all races and all religions. The Roserians are equal friends walking in the footsteps of Yeshua and follow all commandments given by GOD to Moses at Mt. Horeb.

The Religion of the Rose is based on the earliest holy writings and deduces two commandments from them that you will find in almost all world religions:

  1. Love your GOD above all else

  2. Love your neighbor as yourself

In addition the Religion of the Rose supports four philosophical principles that lead to a new life in a community of love and active help:

  1. Despise Death and Satan

  2. Despise Gold

  3. Despise Riches

  4. Despise worldly Honors

These four principles are the base of all Societies of the Rose which means a new way of life in the Light for all Roserians. Death will be replaced with the Love of GOD and eternal life, the materialism and excess consumption with a medium-sized lifestyle in a community of friends, the greed and luxuries with contentment and love for the needy, the self-righteousness and egoism with active, loving work in righteous projects, so that a pure heart of love and understanding is created in which GOD establishes a new bond with every Roserian. This pure heart shows itself in the daily, loving support of the needy, the assistance and help in the Societies of the Rose worldwide and leads finally to a positive, permanent change in the social structures of all countries on earth.

If the Rose blossoms in the whole world, there will be no war, hatred or hunger anymore!

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