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What is a Sponsor?

A Sponsor is a person or organization which is willing to assist the Triple Grace Interactive Faith Movement without becoming a member. The Sponsor will donate once or recurring to support our righteous causes. Every member can recruit as many Sponsors as he wishes.

Just send your Sponsors this link:

Where can I find Sponsors?

Sponsors can be gained from your Ministry, Church or Congregation. Also Family members or friends offer a great potential. Some companies donate regularly for good causes and all Sponsors will be honorably mentioned on the Wall of Sponsors.

Do I earn Donation Points from my Sponsors?

Every Donation from your Sponsors will add Donation Points to your Account. Recurring donations will be calculated towards your DP every month.

Does Triple Grace provide Support and Advertisement material for my Sponsors?

In your Account under Promotions you will find Advertisement Aids and Triple Grace will contact your Sponsors regularly with updates.

Does bringing in Sponsors offer more advantages?

Every member will receive extra Donation Points for each and every new Sponsor he will introduce to Triple Grace. Every Sponsor will add 150 extra DP at sign up.

Can a Sponsor donate anonymously?

The Sponsor Donations page offers anonymous donations for all righteous causes. The Sponsor needs to select the anonymous option at Checkout.

Sponsor recognition "Wall of Sponsors"

Triple Grace honors every Sponsor who donates for righteous causes with his name on the Wall of Sponsors. Anonymous Donors will receive a special E-mail message instead.

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