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The Nations are waiting

Time to stand up in the new Level


The Nations are waiting!

The new Level

We need to come together in Love, Unity and Support on the new Level: The Master Level

The Church Age is ending which represented the Servant Level. Following behind Jesus as his servants with eyes focused on the Cross - The suffering Servant was the theme of the Churches.It was built on the Alpha, the beginning, the corner stone, the crown of thorns and the lamb.

Now we need to move to the next Level: The Master Level

Walking not behind Jesus but in his footsteps, he in us and we in him. Looking at the World with his eyes, doing what he did when he walked the Earth. Becoming true Sons and Daughters of GOD and shining forth as thousands of men and women who look like Jesus. We all have to walk and act as Lions and Lionesses and we have to take Jesus finally from the Cross and let him overcome and resurrect into his heavenly Glory.

It is the time of Omega, the victory, the King of Kings, his coming in all power and glory. It is not anymore about the corner stone but now he will be the cap stone. The coming of his glorious Millennium. The crown of thorns is changed to the crown of the King over the whole Earth.

We will enter in his skin, call forth the Holy Convocation, rehearse the Millennium Kingdom in Love, Unity and Support. Come together with the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit to change this World.

The new thing, the new Level. Outside of traditional Churches or Religions. A new way of living, coming together, supporting one another and the needy. Independent from Government Schemes, banks or companies. Showing forth the Love of GOD, day after day and procuring happiness for all members.

Join us today and become part of the new Level: The Master Level - the true Sons and Daughters of GOD!

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