Triple Grace

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The Restoration

95 Theses


Wisdom, Warning and Work:

"The Societies of the Rose will be established in all Nations and all Towns to bring forth the Sons and Daughters of GOD - The next Level: The Master Level" - Michael


95 Theses of the new Level

1. Love GOD above all else and Love your Neighbor as yourself - These are the Holy Commandments.

2. GOD is about Love, Unity and Support (Charity).

3. What does reading the scriptures and talking about it bring forth? - Nothing, when no action follows!

4. Woe to you Churches when you are only talking and reading but no fruits is produced. Has the LORD not brought forth righteous deeds every day?

5. Woe to you Denominations - Don't you understand that a Kingdom divided will fall? True Sonship is about Unity.

6. Woe to you Church Leaders - Can you not discern the signs of the time? Why are you walking in the World, do things of the World and listen to the World instead to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom?

7. Who has told you that you shall preach a Gospel of Prosperity or a Gospel of Poverty? Don't you know that your Father is merciful and providing all what you need? Cast of Greed and the demon of Poverty and be satisfied with what the LORD will provide!

8. Perilous times are at hand and we must gather together to survive what is coming onto the Earth.

9. Praise the LORD in Unity, support one another with Love and Understanding, stand for the needy, poor, suffering, the nameless and faceless and lift them up in the name of GOD the Father!

10. Trust in the LORD for your Salvation and walk in the footsteps of Jesus in the same way he walked the Earth.

11. Come out of the Churches, out of the World and proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD and the Day of vengeance of GOD.

12. Be closed in the Garment of praise and receive Beauty for Ashes.

13. Mourn at Mt. Zion and be part of spiritual Israel.

14. Show forth your Love given to you by GOD to all people and be an example of the Light in the Darkness.

15. A new thing is born and taken to GOD and his throne.

16. Loving kindness will overtake the World.

17. A Multitude clothed in white will spread to all Nations and all Towns.

18. Brotherly Love will walk in Unity.

19. True Sons and Daughters of GOD will despise Death and Satan, despise Gold, Riches and worldly Honors.

20. They will walk in true obedience of the LORD bringing forth his Love and be covered in his Glory.

21. Woe to all Leaders, Churches or Denominations that will stand against these called ones.

22. No worldly power has the right nor the might to object the moves of GOD Almighty.

23. Watch the Rehearsal of the Millennium Kingdom through the Actions of his people.

24. The Line will be drawn today between good and evil, between lukewarm and being on fire and between the old and the new level of sonship.

25. Who has given you permission to interpret the law, to dispose of the commandments of GOD and to sacrifice Holiness in the fire of tolerance?

26. You follow the world instead of heaven and boost about your Glory in the Churches when you have no Glory.

27. Filth has entered the Churches and sins send a stinking aroma to Heaven.

28. Come out of her says the LORD - No worldly authority has any power over you.

29. Tear down the man-made structures of unbelief and replace it with the pure temple of Love in your hearts.

30. Shine forth in the Glory of the LORD day after day and set a new standard and ensign in all the World.

31. It is time to stand up from your Church benches and to walk out into the World to be the example of righteousness by doing active, good deeds daily.

32. Come together in Love, Unity and Support in Assemblies of the LORD.

33. Invite GOD to your Love meals, share your resources and food, secure one another in any case of calamity and love your neighbors by providing the help needed.

34. Pool your Resources for the Kingdom purposes.

35. Strip of any fear and step out into the open arms of the LORD.

36. Give up your religious doctrines, made-made beliefs and shameful doings.

37. Instead walk in the glory under the latter rain into the open for all to see.

38. Fill the people in the world with envy so that they want to join you and walk in similar fashion.

39. Break down the old structures, churches and synagogues - Empty yourself to be filled with the Holy Spirit by GOD.

40. A filled wine skin can not receive new wine.

41. Do not rely anymore on governmental structures or human institutions - Rely alone and fully on the LORD.

42. Step through the open door onto the righteous path which will lead you to the top of Mt. Zion where you will enter the Holy Place and where you will put your heart at the feet of the Father.

43. It is time to break camp - Get ready to move into the promised land.

44. Leave all old behind - Do not be afraid because your GOD will provide for you.

45. Do not look back but climb the mountain of righteousness with praises and songs.

46. Your rescue has arrived and you will be taken to the place of safety that the LORD has prepared for you.

47. Your cup will run over and your table will be filled with all delicacies.

48. You will finally rest in the arms of your father forever and ever.

49. Glory to GOD alone, the father of the Earth and the Universe.

50. Let now man, church leader, prophet, healer or witness hold you back. Set yourself free for a new beginning.

51. The Kingdom is at hand and you need to separate yourself from the slumbering Churches.

52. A new dawn is rising - The Dawn of the Millennium Kingdom.

53. The time of the roaring Lion of Judah as our King replacing the suffering servant of the first coming.

54. Embrace the Love of GOD and spread it to the Nations - The Nations are waiting for the coming forth of the Sons and Daughters of GOD.

55. Grace will be poured out over you - The latter rain has arrived and you will do mighty exploits in the name of the LORD.

56. Do not remain seated in the church benches, stand up, call for the LORD, receive his Glory and step out into the World.

57. A new refreshing wind is blowing, a restoration of all things and the re-building of the waste places.

58. But you can only do exploits by being active. The time of reading and talking is over. Now is the time of action.

59. Holy action in its finest form though Love - caring for one another and lifting up the needy.

60. Going forth to tell the people that our father has heard their cries and has seen their tears and now we have come to lift them up in the name of the living GOD.

61. Now is the time of pooling our resources - not to spending them anymore on expensive clothing, partying, buying arts at exorbitant rates or wasting it in games or gambles.

62. Now is the time to sell excess and to bring it forth for the Kingdom purposes to give it to all who have need.

63. The wealth gained through sins will be redistributed to the Righteous.

64. The time of huge charitable Organizations with high overheads is gone because now each and every assembly is its own Charity reaching out to their neighborhood all over the World.

65. The true Sons and Daughters of GOD do not waste time in talks or conferences but act in Love, Unity and Support.

66. The Earth will see the sun of righteousness arising with healing in its wings.

67. Many of the old traditions will resist us but nobody can stand against the move of GOD.

68. As soon as the Light of the new will be seen in the darkness, many will join us, some due to jealousy and others by wisdom.

69. In these new assemblies outside of the traditions and Churches you will find the peace of the LORD and total support in all situations that may arise.

70. We will show that a united Kingdom can not fall nor fail.

71. Coming together daily to do righteous deeds is a pleasure in the eyes of the LORD.

73. 2000 years people have preached the good news - Now it is time to bring the good news forth and live it.

74. A new child is born to rule all Nations with a rod of iron.

75. Come forth all who are hungry and thirsty for the LORD - The time of your rejoicing is at hand.

76. The new Level knows no border, no religions, no creeds, no color and no races.

77. All are invited at the wedding banquet of the LORD.

78. A time of feasting and celebrations has begun as the LORD has chosen his bride.

79. Join the new move of GOD and be filled with all the goodness of the LORD.

80. The time we were all waiting for has finally arrived - Praise GOD Almighty.

81. Had you thought that GOD will leave anybody behind? Never!

82. The wedding of the LORD is open for everybody, no matter from where you are or where you have been - Come just as you are!

83. All you need is to open your heart and to step through the door.

84. Please do not reject the invitation.

85. The enemy was dreading this day because it is the beginning of his end.

86. Let no one hinder you to come to the celebration, let no one talk you out of your future.

87. Enter the eternal rest of the LORD in Love, Unity and Support.

88. Look through the eyes of the bridegroom Jesus, walk in his footsteps, lift up the needy, heal the sick, spread Love throughout the World.

89. Is it free? Of course. The only action needed is to empty yourself, replace the old with the new and be ready to move!

90. Woe to the people left behind in the old - You have no idea of what is coming and only the love of GOD can cover and protect you!

91. No man can give you protection, no man can forgive your sins and no man can walk for you the path you must walk on your own.

92. Do not believe in your leaders but ask the LORD about his wedding and the banquet. He will guide you into the new Level.

93. You will not find your complete answer in the scriptures or in any sermon - Only the Holy Spirit can show your the path of love - Be ready to be filled.

94. Will you become a new creation - the man child born from the woman - filled with the latter rain? Or will you continue to sit in your church, waiting for something that has already arrived. Do not be arrogant as the Pharisees were by rejecting the new level and clinging to the old!

95. Walk as Jesus did and show forth the active Love of GOD the Father!


Join or establish a Society of the Rose in your neighborhood and become a true Son or Daughter of GOD.


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