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True Faith!

Why all Churches are wrong and not following Jesus:


The Secret Name of Jesus!

The Truth about Christianity That Nobody Tells You!

The Easiest Teaching of Jesus, and NOBODY is Doing it!

"We do not subscribe to the idea not to call your own parents Father or Mother. However we support the notion not to use Father or Master for anybody in authority" - Michael

The Greatest Commandment but... Who is obeying it?

The Words of Jesus Expose and Predict Apostasy Amongst Religious Leaders!

The Most Hated of all Jesus' Teachings!

"The Religion of the Rose does not follow any extreme viewpoints including the matter of living in poverty is the only way of believers in Yeshua. Early Christians had jobs and earned money, however excess properties or riches were sold and the proceeds given towards the community. The members of these communities then shared all in common. Some members moved in together to serve the LORD better but nobody was forced to sell his property. All was done by free will and for the benefit of all believers in such a Society. However if you make your job and money your life priority then you try to serve 2 Masters - GOD and Mammon - which is not possible as Jesus teaches. We try to find an equal, middle way for our Roserians by avoiding excess riches and poverty in establishing Societies of the Rose with equal members who live through a medium based income and are empowered by the Holy Spirit" - Michael

The Most Hated of all Jesus' Teachings Part B!

The Most Hated of all Jesus' Teachings Part C!

How to live by Faith: Coming together like the first Christians!

"Coming together is the most important part of the Religion of the Rose. Since 2010 we are establishing Societies of the Rose on three continents (Europe, Asia and America). Start your own Society of the Rose in your area and follow in the footsteps of our King Yeshua with Love, Unity and Support" - Michael

The Most Shocking Teaching of Jesus!

The Most Famous Bible Verse!

What Jesus Teaches About How to Resolve a Conflict!

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