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153 Fish - The Great Harvest - Our Destiny


17th of July - Sun rises at 4:44 in Jerusalem - A special event - An open door - Revelation 4:1 - Escape of the Bride and opening of the Seals

The beginning of the Great Harvest of the Ages and a pattern to the works of the Apostles and the first assemblies of the Books of Acts. The time has come for the Joel 2 Army to step out of the World and out of Babylon and to feed the sheep of the Lord in the same manner as the Apostles were commanded by Jesus at the Sea of Tiberias.

The Great Harvest - The 153 Fish - Bringing them to Mount Zion!

Pearl Kolleri ( has a look at the Geometry of the 153 Fish mentioned in John 21:

600 SB

Spiritual Benefits:
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