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Acts 2.0 

Triple Grace is turning into Acts 2.0.


Acts 2.0 is a community that is performing miracles and wonders, that will be recognized in public, that is filled with so much of the Holy Spirit that the members are shining for all to see, that heals the sick and raises the dead, that is filled with the Shekinah Glory, that is actively advancing the Kingdom of GOD, that represents our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that people will know and love, that all believers want to join, where all are welcome, that acts in the name of the Father, in which all members live without fear, that is blessed by GOD abundantly.

Acts 2.0 is a community in which young and old come together in Unity, Love and Support, in which GOD, the Father dwells in the heart of every member, that is so potent that demons will flee into swines, in which every member shines forth as the Light in the Darkness, in which every member is equal, that is seen bringing forth love into the public daily, that everyone wants to join, that is available in all Nations, that walk, act and teach as Jesus did, that turns the heart of the Children to their Father, that is in the mouth of all people, so powerful that it can grow even in the darkest corner of the enemy territory.

Acts 2.0 is a community that is seen as being blessed by GOD, that is the talk of the people by day and night, that inspires even the strongest atheist, that all people are pointing to, so strong that behind each and every member you will see a warrior angel of the Lord standing, that changes the climate of any situation just by being present, that operates behind the veil, that prophesies and acts on it daily, that is doing mighty steps for the Lord, that distributes the wealth of the sinners to the righteous, that is a wonderful sight in the eyes of GOD.
A Community of wonders and miracles.

Triple Grace is Acts 2.0 acting on behalf of GOD and His only begotten son Jesus Christ.

To join Acts 2.0 just click on Log in on the top right and register your details!


Support the coming forth of Acts 2.0 here:

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See the Vision of GOD given to me about Acts 2.0 on the 3rd of March 2019 here:


Become a member of Acts 2.0, heal the sick, raise the dead and do mighty miracles in the name of GOD, the Father!

600 SB

Spiritual Benefits:
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