Old or new?

Old or new? - Are you ready for the Kingdom? Do you stuck in the old, the past, in that all are doing, in what was always the norm and what is defended to so badly by the establishments? Or are you ready for the new - the coming Kingdom - the shift in power? The time of the rich and famous is over and the power will be given to the last, the nameless and faceless who will walk in the Glory of GOD. The establishment - either governments, churches or the rich and famous - are fighting in their last battle to keep their seats of power but the LORD has sent his Angels to clear the path for a powerful shift to a new order. As the LORD has declared that the last will be first and the wea

Dress Rehearsal of the Kingdom

Dress Rehearsal for the Kingdom - Build your Well of Righteousness The LORD is calling forth his true Sons and Daughters: https://youtu.be/61_wm8JCX2Y (Courtesy of Diana Olivieri Channel) The Millennium is at hand and we are asked to come together in a Dress Rehearsal: https://www.triple-grace.com/dress-rehearsal At Triple Grace we are dedicated to help you establishing your own Well of Righteousness where you are building your team of Sons and Daughters of GOD and where you will walk as Jesus did when he was on Earth - in Love, Unity and Support! You are called forth to gather in the Harvest, to show forth the ways of Jesus and to rehearse the Millennium Kingdom in all its Glory.

Soar like an Eagle

Soar like an Eagle - Do not be Earth bound! People are waiting on the LORD to transform them into his body and lift them up. Do not wait, what you need the LORD has given you already. It is in your Spirit! Lift from the Ground, from the daily struggles, the useless conversations, the endless debates about words and verses, the running after careers and jobs, the following of so called icons and start to fly, to soar as an Eagle hunting down the snakes on the ground. It is your time to fly! If you do not know how then come and join us at Triple Grace: https://www.triple-grace.com/sons-and-daughters-of-god We will show you how to soar like an eagle and how to run like a horse. Filled

Non Yeast Fast 5th to 12th September 2018

Join Triple Grace in a non yeast Fast from 5th of September to 12th of September 2018! In that time period refrain from yeast in food, addictions, gossiping, anger, hatred, bickering, bad discussions, alcohol, smoking and general sins. The LORD will pass over you in this week! Please join us in the fast because GOD will be far reaching and his Angels are dispatched. Do not miss it and fall in the trap of the Egyptians. Prepare you Homes and Places! Join Triple Grace in the non yeast fast from 5-12th of September to honor the LORD. You can also join our website and ask questions, read resources and build a team of lion warriors. Simply sign up and become a member: https://www.triple

Finally GOD revealed His plan for you

It is done - Finally GOD revealed His plan for you! Societies of the Rose What is a Society of the Rose? GOD's plan for your Life in Support, Protection, Love, Grace, Faith, Spreading the Gospel, Bringing in the Harvest, Coming together, Shining forth as the Light, Lifting up the Needy, Overcoming all evil, Walking towards complete Salvation, Looking through the Eyes of Jesus, Fulfilling all Commandments of GOD and Turning your Back on Sin and the World! No matter what calamity strikes in a Society of the Rose you are covered spiritually and physically through support of others, receiving medical help, financial assistance, psychological aid and you are under GOD's wings protected by Hi

Rapture and Return

In 2012 I had a dream: I was sitting behind my house reading a newspaper. Suddenly the letters starting to blur and I could not read anymore. A great white Light appeared and lifted me off the ground to the ceiling of my verandah. There I was covered in the Light and my body changed. It became strong and healthy again. After some time the light released me and I floated back to the ground. I saw that I had a new strong body and I was able to speak in different earthly languages. I believe the return has something to do with the 144000 who will be needed to assist remaining believers during the trumpets. Michael

The old Path on a new Way

The Good Way The prophet speaks of the “old paths” where is “the good way.” In biblical literature these expressions suggest several ideas. They may denote the days of their early history (Deut. 32:7; cf. Mic. 7:14) — happier times in contrast to the present distress (cf. Psa. 77:5-6). There certainly is a reference to a standard of truth, a path charted by God (Psa. 17:5), and characterized by righteousness (Psa. 23:3) and straightness (Psa. 107:7; cf. Jer. 31:9). It is the way wherein one should walk (1 Kgs. 8:36). In the days of Jesus, he announced himself as “the way” to fellowship with the Father (Jn. 14:6). When the Lord implemented his new covenant system, inspiration makes it plain t

Can we change the World?

Do you believe that we can change this World? How beautiful would the World be if all people would come together, to support one another, help the needy and praise the LORD daily! We are calling you forth to build assemblies who will change the World. Assemblies of nameless, faceless and humble people from all reigns of Life. Acting in one accord, showing forth the Love of GOD and being an example of Righteousness in all Nations. When we support one another we have no more fears, no worries and no hatred. We assist our brothers and sisters in any situation covering them with our Love and Actions. Every member can rely on the other, feeling completely secure and being covered by the pro

444 - 3 Open Doors

4 - Dalet in the Jewish Alphabet is an open Door. 3 Open Doors are 444 which is also the number of a Sanctuary or the Holy Place. Triple Grace was given the Key 444 to open for you the doors which will bring you ultimately to the Sanctuary or Holy Place of Mount Zion. Walk through the open doors onto the righteous Path towards the Millennium Kingdom - the second coming of our King Jesus. The 3 Open Doors are Love, Unity and Support and together they add up to 12 which represents the 12 tribes and the 12 apostle. 12 is also an important number in the 144000 of Revelation. Join Triple Grace, establish your own Sanctuary (Society of the Rose) in your neighborhood, build a team of true Sons and

Become a Rose

A Rose Garden must be built for the LORD! The flower of the Rose is pure Love but a Rose has also thorns which symbolizes our thorny path towards true Sonship. Show forth your pure Love to your neighbors, let them see how you have changed through Jesus and be an example of Righteousness to all Nations. A Rose Garden must be built for the LORD! Are you willing to become a Rose, showing forth Love into the World? We are gathering Roses together in a Community of Love, Unity and Support. It is your destiny to shine as a Rose in your community and to lift up the meek and suffering. Watch our latest Video about the Rose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pClU5laxjks Join Triple Grace and es

Looking through the Eyes of Jesus

We must walk in Spirit and Truth, look at the World through Jesus eyes, lifting up the meek and suffering, healing the Earth through Love, Unity and Support. Not looking for riches, gold or worldly honors but despising death and Satan walking the righteous path towards the Millennium Kingdom and the Glory of our GOD. Be a Lion or Lioness for the Father, come together in Love, Unity and Support, build wells (Ministries - Societies of the Rose) of Righteousness and bring the power and glory of GOD back into the World. I see the Roserians as thousands of Lions looking like Jesus - Just imagine how thousands of Jesuses will change our World to become a better place and how they will prepare the

Hear the Call to build your own Ministry!

Hear the Call to build spiritual wells in this hour where the supernatural is in Operation! Come and build your future - Triple Grace is online: https://www.triple-grace.com Join us, build your own Ministry and change the World. At Triple Grace we have brought together spiritual resources, videos, articles for you to explore and to learn how to build your own powerful Ministry. Triple Grace is your spiritual main well. Become a pioneer at your own well by building an assembly of true believers in your neighborhood! Birth your own ministry, a well of power, healing and deliverance, a place that brings true Sons and Daughters of GOD together in Love, Unity and Support. Become a pioneer at your

Establishing an Altar

Establishing an Altar in Enemy Territory - The Idols will fall! 🛐 We are at a transition and crossroad invoked by the LORD. He is calling us forth to manifest an altar in the midst of the enemy territory where idolatry is rampant. In August we are moving to Cambodia to call forth the people into the love of our LORD and to gather the people with the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit. Please pray for our Mission as we will stand against plenty of enemy forces 🧙‍♂️ which we will overcome in Love, Unity and Support. A call from the LORD must be heeded and we will walk in his obedience. We need more Supporters and Sponsors of this move. If the LORD places it in your heart to supp

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