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The Commonwealth of GOD 

The Commonwealth of GOD is a Union of all Safe Havens (Dwelling places of New Zion) worldwide to support one another and to bring forth the Kingdom of GOD into all Nations. The Power Houses of the Lord on Earth! (Learn more about it here:

All Safe Havens have equal rights in this Union and benefit equally from all Grants or Support provided by Triple Grace. They can exchange members between one Place of Refuge and another, even across borders and can transfer ideas from Nation to Nation for Kingdom purposes.

Triple Grace offers them a platform to connect with any other Safe Haven worldwide and to share their experiences through a special Commonwealth forum. The member exchange is another idea from Triple Grace solely for Commonwealth of GOD member places.

The main focus of the Commonwealth of GOD is to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom to all Nations through Love, Unity and Support.

The Commonwealth of GOD members are committed to GOD, the Father, alone by becoming true Sons and Daughters through following the great example our LORD JESUS has set for us.

They agree to follow the principles of Heaven and to always support any Safe Haven of God and any member thereof worldwide. They act in Love, Unity and Support to be an example of GOD and the Light in the darkness.

Through the Commonwealth of GOD the Safe Havens worldwide have a better way to connect with one another and to show forth their individual missions for the LORD on an international field. The Commonwealth of GOD can act on behalf of all Safe Havens and can advance their causes with grants and expertise.

The Commonwealth of GOD is the trumpet (mouthpiece) of even the smallest Place of Refuge and will support all righteous activities worldwide. It can bring support and assistance to the needy without delay and can assign Safe Havens towards any calamity that may arise in their area.


The Commonwealth of GOD is the Union of all Safe Havens worldwide to advance the Kingdom of GOD in Love, Unity and Support.

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Spiritual Benefits:
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