Countdown to Sudden Destruction!

The first attack on Israel


The first attack on Israel will usher in the 14 years of the end times. World War III will follow after the second and final attack on Israel shortly thereafter. When they say "Peace and Safety" then sudden destruction will come upon them.


Come out of the World, Babylon and the Churches!

Timeline of the End-Times

2021                  Escape of the Innocent/1. Rapture

2021 - 2026       1st to 6th Seal will be opened/War/Famine/Jerusalem 


2026                  Rapture of the Church (2. Rapture) and Sealing of the

                          144000 at Mt. Zion/Paradise/Mt. Kilimanjaro/Sansibar/

                          Tanzania/Cradle of Life

2026 - 2027       Rest Year/Training in Paradise/Tanzania/7th Seal

2027 - 2030       3.5 years/1. Dominion of Jesus on Earth/1st - 4th

                          Trumpet/Rebuilding of Jerusalem/Building of the

                          Temple/144000 operating in the Nations/2 Witnesses in


2030                  Jesus cut off from Jerusalem/Satan thrown down onto the 


2030 - 2033/4    3.5 years/5th Trumpet to Bowl Judgements/Pit is

                          opened/Satan and AntiChrist rule the Earth/Israel in the

                          Wilderness protected from the serpent/2 Witnesses killed

                          in Jerusalem at the 6th trumpet/3. Rapture

2033/4               Jesus returns with the Saints from Paradise/Battle of

                          Armageddon/AntiChrist, False Prophet thrown in the Lake

                          of Fire and Satan bound for 1000 years

2034                  Jubilee Year/Start Millennium

2034-3034         Millennium of Christ/King of Kings and Lord of Lords/

                          2. Dominion

3034                  Bride returns with New Jerusalem/New Heaven and New

                          Earth/3. Dominion


A great timeline of Ministry Revealed

Alain and his Team are confirming our New Journey to Paradise - to Mt. Zion where the Rapture will take place at the 6th Seal!

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