Repent, Repent, the Kingdom of GOD is here!

The Escape of the Innocent is imminent. 40 days of Jesus preparing his end time army is commencing in April - The first seal is ready to be opened in Heaven - Come out of the World and Babylon!

Timeline of the End-Times

2020                  Bride of Christ is raptured/1. Rapture

2020 - 2025       1st to 6th Seal will be opened/War/Famine/Jerusalem 


2025                  Rapture of the Church (2. Rapture) and Sealing of the

                          144000 at Mt. Zion/Paradise/Mt. Kilimanjaro/Sansibar/

                          Tanzania/Cradle of Life

2025 - 2026       Rest Year/Training in Paradise/Tanzania/7th Seal

2026 - 2028       3.5 years/1. Dominion of Jesus on Earth/1st - 4th

                          Trumpet/Rebuilding of Jerusalem/Building of the

                          Temple/144000 operating in the Nations/2 Witnesses in


2028                  Jesus cut off from Jerusalem/Satan thrown down onto the 


2028 - 2031/32  3.5 years/5th Trumpet to Bowl Judgements/Pit is

                          opened/Satan and AntiChrist rule the Earth/Israel in the

                          Wilderness protected from the serpent/2 Witnesses killed

                          in Jerusalem at the 6th trumpet/3. Rapture

2031/32             Jesus returns with the Saints from Paradise/Battle of

                          Armageddon/AntiChrist, False Prophet thrown in the Lake

                          of Fire and Satan bound for 1000 years

2033                  Jubilee Year/Start Millennium

2033-3033         Millennium of Christ/King of Kings and Lord of Lords/

                          2. Dominion

3033                  Bride returns with New Jerusalem/New Heaven and New

                          Earth/3. Dominion

A great timeline of Ministry Revealed

Alain and his Team are confirming our New Journey to Paradise - to Mt. Zion where the Rapture will take place at the 6th Seal!

See his great resources here: Ministry Revealed

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