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The Great Exodus - Let my people go! 

The LORD is setting you free from the World!


The time of the Great Exodus has arrived and GOD will set His children free from slavery and bondage to the World.

Get ready, prepare your doorposts and take marching positions - We are leaving the World!

Gather your people together, call your family, pack your bags and take wealth from the World - The Great Exodus is here!

The World has ended for you today:

"From today forward you follow the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. The LORD is leading you to His dwelling place - Mount Zion - where you will be taken into Paradise"

Join us in the Great Exodus towards the Holy Place of the Father - Mount Zion:

Walk with us on the narrow road towards Mt. Zion, the dwelling place of GOD, where we will lay our hearts at the feet of the Father and where we will enter paradise to be with Him and His only begotten son Jesus forever and ever.

Do not stay behind in Babylon. Leave the World in the Great Exodus:

The LORD has prepared the way for you, He has set the pillars to guide you and He will protect you all the way until you reach Mt. Zion!

"Be part of the multitude clothed in white that will stand before His Throne of Glory at Mount Zion - Ready to be raptured into Paradise or sealed as the 144000. The LORD is calling you forth out of the World towards His Heavenly Throne"

Learn more about our new ways here: 2.0

Each Society of the Rose ( will gather the people and will set them on the path towards Mt. Zion. Join them or build one in your neighborhood and gather the multitudes for the Great Exodus!


Support the great Exodus from the World into the Freedom of the LORD:


We are leaving this World now. You can be a part of the Great Exodus by joining us on the narrow path towards Mt. Zion. Do not stay behind but follow the pillars by day and night!

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