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Help the Needy - A few of our current projects

"Kindness to the poor is a loan to the Lord" Proverbs 19:17

1. School equipment for elementary school in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)


An elementary school needs new benches, chairs, blackboard, lighting, etc. for their classrooms.


Requirement: 2000 Dollars - Reference ESPP1


2. Hospital bill for 9 year old girl after accident with a car when she was riding the bicycle in Nairobi/Kenya


A poor family cannot afford hospital bills of 15000 Dollars for surgery. Urgent request for funds to save a life.


Requirement: 15000 Dollars or a part of it - Reference HBNK3


3. Daily support for old widow in Muang Phon (Thailand)


An old widow without family needs daily support for food, health care and housing. Very old house without electricity.


Requirement: 5000 Dollar for the complete year 2019 inclusive of renovation for the house - Reference MPTH1


4. Toys for in and outdoors for an orphanage near Phnom Penh, Cambodia


50 Orphans are in need of toys for inside and outdoors to replace very old equipment.


Requirement: 999 Dollars - Reference ORPPC10


5. Wheel chairs for handicapped group in Pattaya, Thailand


30 handicapped people are in need of new wheelchairs to allow them to take part in the society.


Requirement: 6500 Dollars - Reference WCPATTH9


6. School fees for one year plus school uniforms, books, etc. for 5 children of a poor family in Mombasa, Kenya


These 5 children are not able to attend a school due to poverty. Lift them out of their misery.


Requirement: 2500 Dollars for one year for all 5 children - Reference SCNKY3

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Please mention the reference number for which you have donated or send us an e-mail to with the reference number after you have sent the funds.


"Kindness to the poor is a loan to the Lord" Proverbs 19:17


Save the Lives of countless Children with an Offering from your heart for any of our projects. Use your money in 2019 for the advancement of the Kingdom only!

An act of loving-kindness is the foundation for Love, Unity and Support and will advance the Kingdom to the Nations.

600 SB

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