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1. Establish a Society of the Rose in your neighborhood by coming together with as

    many as 50 believers who are walking in faith and are willing to support one another

    and to lift up the needy and poor.

2. Meet with this community of love daily and select one righteous project (support of

    poor, orphanages, elderly, homeless, sick, etc.) which you all will then attend to and

    do that day. This does not need to be always in the form of money but can also be

    active help or assistance.

    This is what we call the Daily Sacrifice of Love!

3. Have regular love meals with the members of your Society of the Rose and on that

    occasion break bread with them (communion) to remember our Lord Jesus Christ.

4. Be there for any member of your Society and teach them to support one another no

    matter what crisis may hit you all or individual members so that fear of the future will

    be replaced with love for one another.

5. Soon a strong bond will be established through the daily sacrifice and the love meals

    and you will see blessings coming in from GOD, the Father. People that you helped

    will show up in gratitude and you can use the occasions to spread the Gospel of the

    Kingdom to them or you will receive requests of people who want to join you.

6. As soon as you reach more than 50 members please select 2 elders who will then start

    a new Society of the Rose because we are all equal and all should participate in the

    daily sacrifice which would be impossible with a huge crowd of more than 50  (fifty)


7. During your daily meetings and love meals select members to speak about their walk

    with the Lord, about miracles experienced, problems encountered during the daily

    sacrifice, dreams and visions and spread the Gospel of the Kingdom to newcomers.

The aim is to build a spiritual community that is active for all to see, doing acts of loving-kindness in the name of the Father daily but also supporting one another by helping through difficult times in the manner you read of in the book of Acts in the Bible. Having all in common, sharing resources, shining the light into the darkness and setting an example of love for all to see.

These Societies of the Rose should act outside of the world (no greed, no egoism, no hatred, no power lust and no self-righteousness) and instead come together in Love, Unity and Support for all to see.

The result will be that your environment will change and your mind will shift from the worldly desires to heavenly gifts. Try it and the Lord will help you with miracles and wonders on your new path.

If you have further questions about you start with Triple Grace you can easily reach out to us at:

All are welcome! Come as you are and walk with us the narrow path to Mount Zion in the Great Exodus!

600 SB

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