Mount Zion 

The dwelling place of GOD, the Father


We, Roserians, are called to come out of the World and to walk in the Great Exodus towards Mt. Zion, the Holy Mountain of the LORD.

As the Israelites came out of Egypt and met GOD at Mt. Horeb (Sinai), we will come out of Babylon and meet the Father at Mt. Zion!


At Mt. Zion we will lay our hearts at the feet of GOD, will have access to His Holy Place and there we will be raptured into Paradise - The Rapture of the Church!

A great multitude clothed in white will stand before the Throne of Glory praising and worshiping Him who is our Father. At that moment we will be transformed into His Glory and the 144000 will be sealed for their assignments during the time of Trumpets.

"Mount Zion - His Holy Place - Throne of His Glory - The dwelling place of GOD - The place where we will meet our Father - Our promised Land - Paradise"

Join us, become a Roserian, and be part of multitude clothed in white standing in front of His Throne:

Get ready, prepare your doorposts, we are leaving the World and are walking towards our promised Land!

The Great Exodus is at hand. We are leaving now. Are you ready?

The LORD is setting you free from the World, Babylon and Slavery. Do not stay behind but walk with us the narrow path towards Mt. Zion where we will be taken away into Paradise!

"Mount Zion is your Paradise - There you will meet your creator and will join His only begotten Son Jesus as co-heir in His Glory - There you will become a true Son or Daughter of GOD"

Leeland Jones describes the Throne of Glory on Mount Zion at the 6th Seal:














Learn more about the Great Exodus here:


The prophecy of an 8-year old boy about Mount Zion and our rapture into Paradise:​

















Walk with us the narrow path towards Mt. Zion, receive your Freedom and meet GOD, the Father at His dwelling place to be raptured into Paradise!

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