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September 2006


A Vision of Roserian Thomas from September 2006 describing Triple Grace and the Societies of the Rose ahead of time!

This part of my life began on September 16 of 2006 when a truck I’m driving hydroplanes and then starts flipping five and one-half times landing upside down in the median in a flooded field. I had watched the first roll and half from inside the cab but the last several rolls from above.  A brain hemorrhage from my skull being crushed against the corner of the cab when it impacted the opposite side of the bar ditch released me from my body and now I’m hearing the most beautiful music and seeing the glory of our Father’s heaven.  However, what I learned while up there has put me on this warpath to learn how to come out of her my people and He somehow expanded my capacity to understand and put together several different concepts and to merge them into a cohesive system which I have called the Hour Glass Farm system.

Imagine yourself floating above the earth and looking down at what appears to be a field of green grass in the shape of an Hour Glass. As you look more intently, you realize the darker green outside the Hour Glass are actually trees and then you notice many of them have red, blue, orange, yellow and every other color of the rainbow interspersed here and there among that deep sea of green.  Now, focusing on the center of the Hour Glass, you see what appears to be whirligigs swirling in sand.  As you look closer, you realize the sand is actually a high mountain almost as tall as the trees around it and the whirligigs are wind turbines swirling in the wind flowing over the top of that mountain.  In the grass
fields on both sides you notice a herd of cattle grazing with chickens following them. You can easily tell because in front of the herd is tall green grass while behind them are brown mulch with piles of dung everywhere and the chickens busily working through each pile, looking for insect larvae and the few grains of seed to eat.  Outside the grassland of this Hour Glass , among the trees, if you could see beneath and look up, you would notice all the different colors of the rainbow interspersed within were actually every fruit imaginable, some growing on vines, others on the trees and even vegetables peeking up here and there on tall mounds , which you find out later are called hugel kultur piles.

Back to the center of the Hour Glass, you start to notice this dirt mountain has curious looking openings at different levels up and down throughout its entirety.  And they seem to be at regular spaced intervals, so you put on your X-ray vision goggles and what you see inside amazes you.  This is no ordinary mountain of dirt but an Above Ground Under Ground House (AGUGH) with apartments and a lower root cellar and a kitchen-meeting hall at the topmost level.  You now realize that this dirt mountain has multiple functions connected within it and serve as the hub of the whole Hour Glass Farm system while hidden in plain sight.  And if you were to arrive at just the right time, you would probably see some of the inhabitants floating off on wings called hang gliders and paragliders, some of which are being powered with propellers driven by a motor, but strangely enough, there is no noise like the kind you have been familiar with.  You find out these motors are actually a specially designed retrofit of the Wankel rotary engine that is powered by compressed air .  Then you learn the wind turbines on top of this mountain are compressing air which is stored at the base of it in huge tanks.  Later on you learn the name of those air motors is called EngineAir built by an Australian company.  One of the
locals informs you also that the small amount of electricity needed to run the entire farm is produced by connecting the air motor to a gen-set unit and the compressed air is either piped underground or transported in portable tanks where needed instead of having electricity in expensive batteries and copper wiring.

And if you were able to look into the future as I did when I left my body, you would see these Hour Glass Farms popping up here and there across the landscape starting to dovetail with each other and sandwiching side by side until whole sections of the countryside are transformed into something like the Sargasso sea of grass undulating in an ocean of wind.  The result of this dovetailing causes a manifold increase in wind energy plus an unexpected benefit in the dissipation of vortex winds produced by tornadoes. 

Here the interpretation of Michael of this great Vision from Thomas:

Your Vision is not only a real physical farm invention but also a prophecy. The grassland represents the Earth and the wilderness where the children, the chicken, pick up leftovers. The forest is Heaven with all available in abundance and also the rainbow is present. The Hour Glass represents the new path, the new thing that the Lord is bringing forth. In the middle of the Hour Glass are the wind turbines - the power houses of the Lord - Societies of the Rose that will guide the people on the new and narrow path (middle of Hour Glass is narrow) towards the Mountain which is Mt. Zion, the dwelling place (your special farm in the vision) of the Father. There the true Sons and Daughters of GOD will be gathered for the great Harvest and they will enter the House of GOD and find all nice things in abundance. There they will live with the Lord until they will return with Him for the Millennium.

The Hourglass also represents the great Exodus and is a true copy of what happened at the Red Sea. The East Wind comes in and separates the right side of poverty from the left side of prosperity and opens up a new path towards Jesus and the Father. They are called our from her (Israelites from Egypt and we now from Mystery Babylon. Later the Israelites assembled at Mt. Sinai (Mt. Horeb) to meet the Father and we will do the same at Mt. Zion.

I was truly amazed when I read your vision. You had seen the design of Triple Grace and the Societies of the Rose many years before it will now come to pass. GOD is great and He will always bring the right people together. I believe that your vision has a great potential in farm development but is also a holy prophecy that will encourage many new Roserians.

See here a drawing of the Vision to make the connection to Triple Grace and the Societies of the Rose:


March 2019



GOD's Vision about the Church 2.0 given on 3/3/2019 (3/3/3) Triple, Triple


GOD gave me a great vision in the morning on the 3rd of March 2019:

I was sitting in a huge church in the front row. The church was divided between men on the left and women on the right. I was sitting on the wrong side and in my bench row there was only one more person but the rest of the church was packed with many people.

I felt that the people did not like me sitting on the wrong side and when the church service was over the pastor came with the church elders and asked me what I want and why I acted against their rules.

I answered and said: "I want a Church 2.0, a church that is standing tall again, that is recognized by the public, a church that does miracles and wonders".

The faces of the other church members were falling down. They sat with an open mouth until they showed real hostility against me. They rejected the Church 2.0.

I continued: "A church that is filled with so much of the Holy Spirit that the members are shining for all to see, that heals the sick and raises the dead, a church that advances the Kingdom of GOD. I will build that Church"

The vision ended. I knew instantly that Triple Grace is turning into the Church 2.0 and the old churches are all rejecting us. That was also the reason why I was alone in my bench row except for one other person.

"Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert." (Isaiah 49:19)

The Lord has called us forth to establish the Church 2.0 and we at Triple Grace invite you all to join us:

I can not reject a vision and call from GOD and will build the Church 2.0. Be part of it and fill the bench row of the Church 2.0 or stand with the old.


Triple Grace

600 SB

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