Establishing an Altar

Establishing an Altar in Enemy Territory - The Idols will fall! 🛐

We are at a transition and crossroad invoked by the LORD. He is calling us forth to manifest an altar in the midst of the enemy territory where idolatry is rampant.

In August we are moving to Cambodia to call forth the people into the love of our LORD and to gather the people with the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit.

Please pray for our Mission as we will stand against plenty of enemy forces 🧙‍♂️ which we will overcome in Love, Unity and Support. A call from the LORD must be heeded and we will walk in his obedience.

We need more Supporters and Sponsors of this move. If the LORD places it in your heart to support us financially, you can help us here at Patreon:

GOD will bless all people abundantly who are praying and sending their Love financially to assist the establishment of the new Altar in the midst of darkness! Thank you.

August is a month of relocations and crossroads for many believers. Here a wonderful message about it by Helping Hand Ministry: 🚸

The Idols will fall - We will move in Spirit and Truth covered under the wing of our LORD, Jesus Christ



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