Looking through the Eyes of Jesus

We must walk in Spirit and Truth, look at the World through Jesus eyes, lifting up the meek and suffering, healing the Earth through Love, Unity and Support. Not looking for riches, gold or worldly honors but despising death and Satan walking the righteous path towards the Millennium Kingdom and the Glory of our GOD.

Be a Lion or Lioness for the Father, come together in Love, Unity and Support, build wells (Ministries - Societies of the Rose) of Righteousness and bring the power and glory of GOD back into the World.

I see the Roserians as thousands of Lions looking like Jesus - Just imagine how thousands of Jesuses will change our World to become a better place and how they will prepare the way towards the coming Kingdom.

Start your new Life by acting as Jesus did when he walked the Earth. Copy his ways and Acts of loving-kindness and fill your heart with the Love of the Father. Become a true Son or Daughter of GOD.

Look at your neighborhood through the eyes of Jesus, act as he did and walk the new path of Righteousness in Love, Unity and Support. Be the Light in the Darkness and establish your own well of power and healing where the supernatural is in Operation!


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