444 - 3 Open Doors

4 - Dalet in the Jewish Alphabet is an open Door. 3 Open Doors are 444 which is also the number of a Sanctuary or the Holy Place.

Triple Grace was given the Key 444 to open for you the doors which will bring you ultimately to the Sanctuary or Holy Place of Mount Zion. Walk through the open doors onto the righteous Path towards the Millennium Kingdom - the second coming of our King Jesus.

The 3 Open Doors are Love, Unity and Support and together they add up to 12 which represents the 12 tribes and the 12 apostle. 12 is also an important number in the 144000 of Revelation.

Join Triple Grace, establish your own Sanctuary (Society of the Rose) in your neighborhood, build a team of true Sons and Daughters of GOD and walk through the open doors onto the new path towards Mount Zion.

Triple Grace offers you all resources you need to build your own Sanctuary in your area. Use the Forums, Teachings, Videos, Blog articles and ask Michael any question. Receive the help you need to be successful on your new way in Spirit and Truth.

Lift up the meek, needy and suffering in your neighborhood through your Sanctuary which will also be your Place of Safety protected by the LORD.

Be the Light in the Darkness, join Triple Grace, learn and establish your own Sanctuary, build your Team of spiritual Warriors and take the World by Storm! The time to act is now - It is D-Day!

The LORD calls you forth to be part in his new spiritual Army of fearless warriors who are willing to stand against the evil forces of darkness. Put on the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit and enter through the 3 open Doors into the greatest Battle between Good and Evil!

Join Triple Grace today and establish your a Sanctuary for the LORD in your neighborhood.

You are called into Battle!


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