Can we change the World?

Do you believe that we can change this World? How beautiful would the World be if all people would come together, to support one another, help the needy and praise the LORD daily! We are calling you forth to build assemblies who will change the World. Assemblies of nameless, faceless and humble people from all reigns of Life. Acting in one accord, showing forth the Love of GOD and being an example of Righteousness in all Nations. When we support one another we have no more fears, no worries and no hatred. We assist our brothers and sisters in any situation covering them with our Love and Actions. Every member can rely on the other, feeling completely secure and being covered by the protection of the LORD. Every day we will go out and lift up the needy, give them Beauty for Ashes and the Garment of Praise for their Spirit of Heaviness. We will stop their tears and listen to their cries. Then we will help and change their Lives. Through these Acts, we will serve our GOD and LORD daily! Sounds like Fiction? This is a common Day in a Society of the Rose, the Wells of Righteousness of Triple Grace. Do you want to be part of it? Join us here: It is completely free and your new way of Life for the LORD! Maranatha! Michael Triple Grace Bring forth more Assemblies of nameless, faceless and humble believers by supporting us at Patreon:

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