Finally GOD revealed His plan for you

It is done - Finally GOD revealed His plan for you! Societies of the Rose What is a Society of the Rose? GOD's plan for your Life in Support, Protection, Love, Grace, Faith, Spreading the Gospel, Bringing in the Harvest, Coming together, Shining forth as the Light, Lifting up the Needy, Overcoming all evil, Walking towards complete Salvation, Looking through the Eyes of Jesus, Fulfilling all Commandments of GOD and Turning your Back on Sin and the World! No matter what calamity strikes in a Society of the Rose you are covered spiritually and physically through support of others, receiving medical help, financial assistance, psychological aid and you are under GOD's wings protected by His mighty Angels. You form a strong Unity in the LORD walking in the World but outside the World, building a team of powerful Lion warriors ready to take on any evil entity or any demon coming across your path. In Victory you will move in your neighborhood for all to see, getting inquires why are you so happy and different, showing forth GOD's Glory and Healing the sick and suffering in this World. Join or establish a Society of the Rose in your neighborhood and be the LIGHT in the Darkness! Finally GOD has revealed his plan for all believers in the End Times. Join Triple Grace, learn how to build such a Society and how to bring together a team of Lion Warriors. It is completely free, just sign up and start to read: Triple Grace Come together in Love, Unity and Support in a Society of equal warriors for the LORD! Maranatha! Michael