Non Yeast Fast 5th to 12th September 2018

Join Triple Grace in a non yeast Fast from 5th of September to 12th of September 2018! In that time period refrain from yeast in food, addictions, gossiping, anger, hatred, bickering, bad discussions, alcohol, smoking and general sins. The LORD will pass over you in this week! Please join us in the fast because GOD will be far reaching and his Angels are dispatched. Do not miss it and fall in the trap of the Egyptians. Prepare you Homes and Places! Join Triple Grace in the non yeast fast from 5-12th of September to honor the LORD. You can also join our website and ask questions, read resources and build a team of lion warriors. Simply sign up and become a member: The fast will begin at sunset of Wednesday 5th of September and ends at sunset 12th of September - The LORD asks for your attendance! Maranatha! Michael Triple Grace

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