Prophetic Word for 3rd of September 2018

Prophetic Word for the 3rd of September 2018 - The door is opened! I see a key that was turned in a lock and a door slid open. A voice said "Come up hither" The door was opened to reach a higher level in your Life. The LORD opened the door for you to come up to his Level - to become his son and his daughter! When you walk through the door you will leave the world and all temptations behind and you will concentrate on Heaven only. A whole new way is prepared for you behind that door of Service, Love, Support, Safety and Glory. I hear the LORD asking you to step through that door by fasting and repentance. Clean yourself to be worthy to have access to the Holy Place. As the High Priest had to clean himself of all sin before entering the Tabernacle you must get rid of all worldly temptations also. The open door is set in front of you. Are you stepping through it? Remember only clean vessels are allowed to walk over the threshold. Are you ready? The LORD opened the door and is calling you forth! Michael Triple Grace

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