Prophetic Word for the 4rd of September 2018

Prophetic Word for the 4th of September 2018 - The new path! I see a long but narrow path and on this path stands a shining Angel holding forth his hand. The LORD says: "This is the path I want you to walk and I will give you an Angel to walk with. Do not go to the left or the right but stay on this path" In the far distance is a huge mountain and on top a cloud hovers over it. The LORD says: "This is the place you must reach. My Holy Mountain, my Zion and my Holy Place. I am gathering all people into this place to protect them from any harm that will come on this Earth" Lightning shines forth in the cloud and the LORD says: "This my Holy Glory that I will pour out on my Bride, my Remnant, my People. For all who mourn at Mt. Zion, I will give them Beauty for Ashes and the Garment of Praise for their Spirit of Heaviness" The LORD wants us to walk the narrow path towards the top of Mount Zion, towards His Holy Place and He is providing us with Angelic help to hold our hands so that we can not wander astray. The door opened and now we are on the narrow path - Keep on going in Spirit and Truth! Michael Triple Grace Support our prophetic words blog by becoming a member of Triple Grace and one of our Patrons here:

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