Prophetic Word for the 5th of September 2018

Prophetic Word for 5th of September 2018 - An overflowing Table! The LORD shows me an empty table. Suddenly this table shows forth all kinds of foods and drinks. It becomes overflowing with goodness. Then many different people come to sit on this table. Men and Women alike. They sit on the table in Harmony and enjoy the food. A Lady asked a man to help her with an issue she can not solve herself and the man agrees right away. The LORD says: " I am calling you to the table, to my feast, my wedding banquet. All are welcome to dine with me in Peace and Harmony. I want you all to support and help one another and to show forth love to your neighbors" The LORD will provide for your if you walk his path in Love and Support and come together on one table to dine with Him. Come and sit on the overflowing table in Unity with others and the LORD! Michael Triple Grace Support our prophetic words blog by becoming a member of Triple Grace and one of our Patrons here:

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