The Girl and the Emperor - Have Faith!

A Story that comes from my heart:

A Girl is working with his Father and is spinning threads and ropes and all colors and designs. She turns 18 and the Father says: "It is time for us to go abroad and to find you a husband." She agrees and they go on a boat but hit a storm and everybody is lost at sea except for her.

She is washed ashore and she is captured by some slave owners and they put her up for auction and they are going to sell her. A man in the crowd thinks that he can give her a better life than if she ends up with the other men, she looks like someone who is kind and caring and I will take her in. I am going to purchase her and she can help me to make these long masts and poles and so she goes home with him and learns how to make these masts and poles.

One day when they were out on the ocean transporting these poles to be sold pirates overtook the ship and they stole her away. They taught her how to make the heavy material, the tarps to make the sails and how to mend them. And one day they hit a giant storm and everybody is lost at sea and she winds up at shore, the only survivor again.

At this point she is a little angry and she looks up to Heaven and says: "Why? No matter what you threw at me I accepted it and I worked hard on it. I made a living, I met people and I learned a skill and I was contend with my life but now here I am again, all alone ready to face some more adventures also you know that I haven't really appreciated the last one. So please stop doing this. Every time I think I get my Life in Order and control it, you just pull the carpet back underneath my feet again!"

Suddenly two warriors come walking towards her and say: "We have to take you to the Emperor." She agrees because she knows the routine from the past and says: "Okay, take me to the Emperor." The Emperor tells her that in their culture they have a tale where a woman is washed up to the beach and she makes these beautiful tents and will bring great abundance to me and my kingdom. "Can you do such a thing?"

She remembers while I have been all over the world I have seen all kind of tents. "Of course I can make it for you." The Emperor asks: "What do you need?" She says: "First I am going to need some heavy fabric" but they do not have anything that is a heavy fabric. She answers that is okay, I will show you how to make them. Away they go and make these huge tarps. Then she says: "Now I need great poles" but they do not have them either. She replied that it is okay, we will make some and she goes forth and starts making those poles. Afterwards she came back and says: "Everything is complete now I just need some ropes" but they say that they have nothing like ropes. She shows the people how to make the ropes in all beautiful colors and designs and when all is finished she takes all of her imagination and the tents she has seen and builds the most beautiful tent in all the world and these brought great abundance to the Emperor and his Kingdom.

So he calls her forth and says: "I want to thank you for all the abundance you brought to my Kingdom and to me personally. How can I thank you?" She replies: "Years ago I left my home as a bride and now I would like to be a Bride again."

The Emperor says: "You will be my Bride forever and ever!"

Even so we go through all these trials and tribulations that will bring us sorrow, tears and chaos and we do not know the purpose and how it will end up. At the end all will come together and now you are ready to serve the Emperor (GOD) and to build the most beautiful tent (Tabernacle) the world has ever seen where you can gather all people together in Love, Unity and Support (Society of the Rose)

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