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Are you a Visionary? Are you ready to change this World? Have you realized how Societies of the Rose are bringing changes in social and religious structures? As a Visionary for Christ you are called to help us to bring the heavenly concept of Love, Unity and Support down onto the Earth! Imagine a World full of groups that love the LORD, share their resources, lift up the needy, wipe away the tears of the broken-hearted, support one another, spread the true Gospel of the Kingdom, do daily Acts of Loving-Kindness, come together every day, love GOD above all else and love their neighbors as themselves. Groups clearly separated from the World, from standard Churches and from any dependency on the Babylonian system. Walking a new path of righteousness in Harmony, in Equality and filled with the latter rain poured out by the Holy Spirit. Groups that are recognized as different from the rest of the general public, seeing as happy and content, doing charity daily, stretching forth a helping hand in the name of GOD, the Father, being a Unit of Love and Understanding, free of fears and worries, an example to the World and the Light in the Darkness. Outsiders of the groups will inquire what the secret is of this joy and perfect harmony. They will seek to join and to learn. Such Groups are the perfect tool for the harvest of the LORD as an example and they are the dress rehearsal of the coming Kingdom. Are you a Visionary? Do you see the signs of the time? Have you seen the potential behind the Societies of the Rose? Have you had a look at Triple Grace yet? Joined it for free? Are you receiving the daily prophetic words through the Newsletter subscription? Are you part of the Forums? No? Here is the link to become a Visionary: Or do you see the enormous potential of such groups - Societies of the Rose - that we establish in the Nations and you want to be a helping hand in this mission? Then become a Patron of us here: As a Patron you will receive updates and free resources we post regularly on Patreon plus you will be informed about anything new we plan in the future first hand before it will go forth into the World. As a Visionary you are most welcome to join the Triple Grace Training Academy with courses for Team Building, establishing your own Society of the Rose, Elder management courses, guiding a Society of the Rose in time of trouble or becoming Head Elder for up to 20 Societies of the Rose in your neighborhood. The courses are free but require the signing up to one of our Plans at the Training Academy: What is this all about? Loving the LORD, sharing and caring, spreading the Gospel to all Nations, walking the path of righteousness, receiving training in bringing forth Love, Unity and Support and managing the new beautiful tents, Tabernacles, the LORD is setting up worldwide! Be a Visionary - one of these beautiful butterflies that GOD has birthed forth from the caterpillars and be part of the life changing new move of the LORD! Maranatha! Michael

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