Prophetic Word for the 16th of September 2018

Prophetic Word for the 16th of September 2018 - Lights around the World! I see a map of the world. Suddenly a light pops up in a Nation, then a second light shows up in a different place on the map. More and more lights appearing on all continents and all Nations. Some Nations have less lights than others but the lights seem to be worldwide. No continent is without light and no Nation either. It looks like a person has switched on the power around the globe. It is a wonderful thing to watch - All these small lights on the map! The LORD says: "My people are rising on all continents and all nations for my Glory. They are the Light in the Darkness and the safe haven in times of calamities." "Search for these Lights, join them, follow their instructions because these my beacons, my ensigns in a world covered by utter darkness." The Glory of GOD is manifesting in the Lights on Earth. Go forth and look for these places of safety, prayers and love. There GOD will protect you from all evil. Seek the Lights and join them! Michael Triple Grace Support our prophetic words blog by becoming a member of Triple Grace and one of our Patrons here: The Restoration of all Things - 95 Theses:

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