Prophetic Word for the 17th of September 2018

Prophetic Word for 17th of September 2018 - Elijah is here! I see an old man, walking down a path towards a huge city. He looks like an old day Saints with a staff as Moses had. He stops, looks at the city and his face started to look sad. He enters the city and walks towards the central Cathedral in the middle of the Town. Standing direct before the Church, he lifts up his Staff and stats shouting: "Repent, Repent, Repent, the Day of the LORD is at hand" "Come out of the Churches and repent. The LORD is coming to judge the wicked churches. Repent" The LORD says: "I have opened your mind for the Spirit of Elijah to come in and to wake you up. Follow me alone and not man made churches. Humble yourself before me, remove your pride and change your ways" "Listen to the Elijah Spirit I have sent throughout the Earth and separate yourself from the World. Walk my path of righteousness that I am showing you through many dedicated sons and daughters in the nations." Elijah is here and he will restore all things. Woe to you who say that good is evil and evil good. The LORD is shaking Heaven and Earth. Be ready! There is no more time. Michael Triple Grace Support our prophetic words blog by becoming a member of Triple Grace and one of our Patrons here: The Restoration of all Things - 95 Theses:

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