Do you see the Vision behind Triple Grace?

Do you see the Vision behind Triple Grace? Do you understand what the Societies of the Rose concept stands for? How Love, Unity and Support would not only change the current church structure but also will turn the World upside down? That it would free you from dependencies of the world, from worries and fears, giving you the security of a community, a helping hand in times of calamities and struggle, a new life path with loving true believers, a way to show forth the light of the LORD, spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom to all Nations and acting daily on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is a Vision of thousands of assemblies of righteousness worldwide that are bound together by the Love of GOD and that are working locally for Kingdom purposes as a Unity of true faith filled with the latter rain. Assemblies that fulfill the commandments given by GOD, the Father and Jesus Christ by being the Light in the Darkness and an example to the whole Earth of the coming Kingdom. They are the restoration of true commitment to GOD, daily active service towards the needy and walking as the first christian assemblies did in a Community of Friends. A Union of the Sons and Daughters of GOD filled with the Spirit of old Saints, standing tall for the LORD in a fallen world, calling out the elected ones from Babylon and restoring the places of desolation by rebuilding the Altar of Faith! Can you identify yourself with our Vision? Any true believer in our LORD should follow these goals of righteousness in their lives. You can be part of the restoration of all things. Join us, sign up, get in contact with us, build your team, establish your Society of the Rose, support our Mission, spread the news through Social Media and become our Patron, a Patron of the move of our LORD JESUS CHRIST: Become a Patron and help us to go into all Nations to restore the Altar of Faith in the LORD: Don't be afraid of a new beginning, we all have come a long way, stayed a long time in the wilderness getting refined by GOD but now you are ready to stand up and to walk tall in complete Spirit and Truth to be the LIGHT in the Darkness. Make our Vision your Vision for the Glory of GOD! Michael Triple Grace