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Triple Grace - A new way of living! Away from mind centered living that includes temptations, greed, egoism, self-centeredness, career building and backstabbing towards heart centered living that is based on empathy, compassion and love. Turning your heart towards the Father - GOD, the Father and laying your heart at his feet. Taking on a childlike Spirit and Trust that GOD will provide shelter, food and protection so that we can concentrate on bringing forth the Kingdom on Earth. Giving up the worldly desires and instead choosing the Holy Place of the Father. Do not be a doubting Thomas but embrace the new path - your new way of living - as true Sons and Daughters of GOD. Become like a Child and have full faith and trust in the Father. The time has come when GOD is making everything new. Jesus is coming for His bride. Are you ready? Have you gathered for the harvest, have you given up all worldly things, have you turned your heart to the Father? Come together in Love, Unity and Support. There is no other path that leads to the Father than by becoming His children and by walking as Jesus did on Earth. The new way will transfigure your old corruptible flesh into the new incorruptible body and your heart will be turned into the heavenly tabernacle. You will become a bride without spot or wrinkle. Ready for the LORD! Turn your childlike hearts to the Father in full Trust and Faith - Walk the new path in HIS Glory! Gather together as the true Sons and Daughters of GOD: Michael Triple Grace

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