The White Rider

The White Rider - All believers who walk like Jesus will conquer the World! They will be seen as Jesus when he walked the Earth. They will look through his eyes, have his heart and will do his righteous acts. They will be the true Sons of GOD! The White Rider of Revelation 6 is a copy and forerunner of the White Rider of Revelation 19 which is the second coming of Jesus. The believers who are walking as Jesus did in Love, Unity and Support are the Dress Rehearsal of the Kingdom of GOD that is coming in the Millennium: These are not Church goers who believe in Jesus nor are they bible students or prayer warriors. These are true Sons of GOD who have come out of the World as Jesus did, who teach the Gospel of the Kingdom as Jesus did, who do Acts of Loving-Kindness as Jesus did, who lift up the meek and suffering as Jesus did, who trust GOD the Father for shelter, food and protection as Jesus did and who look at the world through the eyes of Jesus and have the heart of Jesus. They are the Chosen ones, the Light in the Darkness, the Ensign to all Nations and the Glory of GOD on Earth. It requires full commitment to their destiny, daily acts of loving-kindness, coming together each day, supporting the needy always and turning their hearts over to GOD, the Father. They are the example of the coming Kingdom, how believers will live when Jesus has come again onto the Earth and when he will rule as King from Jerusalem. "When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him!" (Isaiah 59:19) The White Rider is this standard of Righteousness raised against the darkness that covers the Earth. The true Sons of GOD established in the Spirit of the White Rider will overcome and conquer the World, Babylon, Death and Satan. They will be assisted by the Spirits of the Saints of Old who are the former rain and the true Sons are the latter rain. Both together will overcome Death and Hades as Jesus did. Are you ready to conquer the Nations and to commit yourself fully to GOD, the Father as a true Son? Join us, come together in a Community of Friends and build Societies of the Rose in all Nations as true Sons of GOD: Become the standard of the LORD against the Enemy! Michael Triple Grace

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