Coming out of Egypt but not empty handed!

The Oppression is ending - Coming out of Egypt but not empty handed! It is time to repent and to turn back to GOD, the Father. Rest in him alone and do not rely anymore on the World! Be liberated from the voluntary slavery we have accepted for far too long. Enter your places of safety prepared for you by the LORD. Separate yourself from the darkness that covers the Earth. Liberate yourself from the system that is oppressing you. Where you are not equal, where you can not decide in Unity and where you have to follow one leader. This includes all governments and all churches. You are called out to be free. Free from the slavery that you have voluntarily accepted. The money thinking, the career thinking and the political thinking. The LORD wants to set you free from these "Landlords" who are dictating your Life. Enter your place of safety, come together in Equality, support one another, decide together, turn your heart to the Father, love your neighbors and be separated from the Oppressors. Place your Faith and Trust in GOD alone. He is your Father forever and your are His Son. He will provide for you shelter, food and protection. You do not need any other help. Come out of the World and rest in the LORD, your GOD! The Societies of the Rose are places of safety where you will act as Jesus did as true Son of GOD in the world but outside the system without dependencies, without compromises and without fear and worries. Worshiping GOD the Father and trusting completely in His ways. Liberated from a system that hold you as slaves for a few rich people and that forces you to tolerate evil in the name of freedom. The LORD is liberating you from any evil and shows you a way into the promised land where you will live with HIM in paradise. The door is opened for you and you just have to step through it. The Societies of the Rose are open to anybody no matter of color, nationality, denomination or language. You have a choice! Stay in slavery or trust GOD completely by entering his places of safety. The LORD is calling you out to become a true Son of GOD! It is your time to repent and to turn your heart to GOD, the Father: Michael Triple Grace

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