False eagerness mixed with pride!

The false eagerness of my people mixed with Pride! The LORD gave me a vision of false eagerness mixed with pride within his people and the churches. Early in the morning I woke up loaded with these visions. The LORD reminded me of the true mission he wants his people to embark to. Before we come to this point He showed me the current situation: I was shown church leaders who were flying to a foreign country to help needy people. I was then asked: "Why are they flying so far away, spending money for flight, accommodations and food when there are suffering people two blocks away from their church? Are they doing it for the poor or for their pride and to be recognized as philanthropists, to be greater than others?" Then I was shown the Internet with all the religious channels and messages. The LORD asked me: "Why do saved people try to teach other saved people when there is a multitude in the world who has never heard my name? These channels will not reach the unsaved but are watched by my people only who are already saved! Are these teachers and prophets bringing forth their messages out of pride to show their wisdom, dreams or visions? Most of these dreams or visions I gave to them were personally to let them grow in their own way not to spread it into the public. All these time wasted in teaching could be used to go forth to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom to the lost sheep, the unsaved and the misguided ones." At last He sent me a picture of a huge conference in a hotel. There was a banner written - Prophecy Conference 2018 - over the end of the hall. Many people were seen that applauded a speaker. The LORD said: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, turn to me alone and copy my ways. Why are you celebrating a person that I have given the gift of speaking. Worship GOD alone not people nor the world. Seek your understanding from me in prayers and worship and not in conferences where people bring forth distorted half truths. The blind are leading the blind in such conferences. Seek me alone and trust nobody else. Knock and I will open the door for you. Do not run after opinions that fade like the morning dew. Use the time you waste at such conferences to lift up the needy in your neighborhood, use the resources you spent for transport, entry tickets, books and donations towards the organizers for Kingdom purposes only. Copy my ways, do Acts of loving-kindness and spread the Gospel in your area of influence." He then guided me to a place where I saw a group praying in a building (not a church). I saw true love and worship for the LORD. Afterwards they sat together and had files in their hand. I got a closer look at one and on it was written: "James Madison - Accident - Case File 3598". Then I heard that the group decided to support the medical bill of this person because he had no funds and was in need. The LORD showed my a cupboard full of files of needy people. The group left the building and I saw them going along the road in their neighborhood and whenever they saw problems, need or suffering they stopped and talked to the people, gave them letters, invited them to their meetings and prayed over them. One person had a big notebook and in special cases he opened it and wrote something. The LORD took me closer and I read: October, 12th 2018, Name: Peter Stevens, unemployed, hurt after accident, no medical insurance, new case file 5876. Then I heard the loud voice of GOD, the Father like a thunder: "These are my people, my remnant, my chosen ones! Lifting up the meek and suffering, praying in true love to me, doing Acts of Loving-Kindness daily, supporting one another. Giving all who are in need Beauty for Ashes without applause or public recognition. These are my people and I will provide for them. I will give them shelter, food and protection so that my Kingdom will be glorified in this dark world. They are my standard that I am raising against the flood of the enemy. In their hearts is my dwelling place because they carry the heart of my son, Jesus. I will bless them with eternal Life." Then the vision ended and I understood that we are called forth into Assemblies of Love, Unity and Support with the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit. Do not waste time in teaching saved people, flying to far places when the needy are your next door neighbors, do not spend money for travel, tickets and books when you can change a life with these funds in your area. Come together in a Community of Friends with true worship and love for GOD and true acts of loving-kindness towards their neighbors. Spread the Gospel of the Kingdom daily by example, by copying the ways of Jesus, seeing through his eyes, and doing his acts of righteousness. Do not hide your faith in churches, home churches or secluded group meetings but step out into the world, but not being of the world, as Jesus did. Turn your heart to GOD, the Father and lay it at his feet so that you are accounted worthy to escape all these things under his wings of protection. Become true Sons and Daughters of GOD, take your cross and walk as Jesus did! https://www.triple-grace.com/society-of-the-rose Michael Triple Grace https://www.triple-grace.com/society-of-the-rose

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