Nobody can serve two Masters!

How long will you wait before you act? How long will you serve two masters? The world and GOD. You love the world so you cheat on the LORD. Nobody can serve two masters! You think GOD is content with the little time you give HIM but the truth is that you are not ready to commit your Life to the LORD fully. How long will you study the Bible, discuss about verses, listen to prophets and preachers before you see the truth and come out of the World. The truth is that Jesus set you the example of true Sonship and all you need is to walk as HE did, talk as HE did and do the Acts of Loving-Kindness HE did. Jesus was fully committed to GOD, the Father and the Kingdom. He was staying in the World but was not of the World. He was pure Love and represented the Father in Spirit and Truth, fully committed to HIM, without any distraction or side-tracking. You can pray, study the Bible, discuss about bible verses and listen to preachers and prophets as long as you like but you can not be a true Son of GOD if you continue to serve the World. True commitment requires doing a new thing, turning your heart to the Father, trusting HIM completely and renouncing the world, its temptations and being free from its dependencies that you have voluntarily embraced. True commitment is doing the work of the LORD 24/7, every day, not only on Sundays, coming together in a Community of Friends, supporting one another and your neighbors who are in need. Simply speaking do what Jesus did without falling prey to man-made religious doctrines, church traditions and false prophets. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life! HE alone sets the example and HIM alone you must copy. You can not walk as Jesus did when you are still in the World. Come out and be part of the new thing Jesus was speaking of! Join a Society of the Rose to commit yourself fully to GOD the Father and be a true Son of the Kingdom: Michael Triple Grace

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