Prophetic Word for the 3rd of October 2018

Prophetic Word for the 3rd of October 2018 - The message! I see someone living a normal life, following worldly careers and going ahead with all what is offered. He has done this for a long time and it seems for him as his destiny. He adjusted to all the comforts the life on earth offers. Suddenly a bird comes and drops him a message. He reads the message and an astonishment fills his face. He read it a second time before he understands it. I get a closer look at the letter and it starts with "To my beloved son" and it ends with "Your heavenly Father". The man immediately packs all his things and leaves town to enter into a new destiny. He realized that he has squandered his life and had forgotten what his true purpose was on Earth. The LORD says: "I am calling forth my true Sons and Daughters of GOD to their destiny. Receive my message that will explain what you have to do and how you can fulfill your true purpose on earth." "You are my Sons and Daughters and you must shine your Light forth into the Nations. Do not fall to the World and their comforts but embrace your destiny and follow my commandments for your Life!" GOD has sent His messages to the true Sons and Daughters to come together in Love, Unity and Support. Fulfill your destiny by listen to HIS message and remember what you were sent for. Wake up, you true Sons and Daughters of GOD and get liberated from the World! Michael Triple Grace Safe Haven Forum: Support our prophetic words blog by becoming a member of Triple Grace and one of our Patrons here: Jesus - The Way, the Truth and the Life: